For My Valentine !

When am I going to see your face?
When am I going to see your smile?
Time has just quickly passed us by
You have become a part of my life

Ups and downs, Tears and smile
You were behind me like a shining light
I may have done wrong things to you; at times
But you always forgave me; like an angel in the sky

My feelings for you, grew everyday
My thoughts reminded you, in every way
I haven’t felt like this, for anyone before
I knew I am in love, with a sweet red rose

But when I asked you, you said “no”
“We are just friends; nothing else more”
The answer was not shocking or alarming to me
I have been in love twice, all rejected me

Though I tried to forget you and think of u as a friend
My heart kept on telling me, “It s just not rite “
I don’t know that one sided love may exist or not
But that is what I will do, no matter what you think

I may not see you in this life time
I may never see your face, or your lovely smile
You will leave me in another three months time
My love could be blind, but you will always be mine

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11:51 PM

Shit man......... !!!!


& very very nice


3:51 AM

brings tears...

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