My Future Plans

1) Go Abroad after my degree and work on my studies more and get a Job.

2) Get an Apartment So i have a place to live.

3) Never to get Married

4) Friends .... ( That will Depend)

5) Get Away from this world ASAP.

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8:02 PM

never happens as planned..


7:03 PM

1 and 2 understood
but why 3,4 and 5???


4:31 AM

1)You cannot trust many people in the world otday

2) People today doesnt know the real meaning and diffrence of love and marriage


11:56 PM

Errrrrrrrrr.... right!!!!

You should talk to someone wiser....than me


4:00 AM

They WILL change with time.... no doubt


8:01 AM

Thursday, February 09, 2006 :(

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