An Ability With a Price

I am really proud to say that I have many friends. God has given me a unique ability of making friends and getting along with people by just one chat. This has been with me from my younger days and so far its working really fine and I am also proud to say I have only friends and not enemies.. ( If there are enemies I also consider them as friends);).
As peter parker' s uncle said in the movie "Spider Man".. "Great Powers comes with Great Responsibilities.." Now you might think my responsibility is to respond the friendship my friends are giving to me. Thats true and I do it to the maximum ability. but what if the friends doesn't do the same to you ? Is there a worth of having my ability ? Isn't it just a waste??

For the last few years most of my friends think I am a crazy guy.(Is laughing all the time and living with a smile all the time called crazy?? if its like that yea true "I am crazy ")and they also don't see a difference when I get serious. Because of this reason they always try to get an advantage from me by doing really bad things. They don't care what I feel and what happens to me cos they have the impression that I don't mind it. ( how can they think like that???). True that I am attached to them but still they cant take advantage from me like this all the time ryte?? This is where I tend to think that sometimes "Super Hero's Suck !!"

I asked my parents about this situation as well and they say just ignore it and be patient.. BUT... for how long??

As spider man ( my favorite Super Hero...) and super man realized you can never be happy with the abilities you got. Some people like them some people don't you got to just live with it cos you are special. I think the same goes to me as well.

Anyways I thank God again for giving me this ability and I hope it would last forever and ever !

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  Lady divine

10:22 PM

this happens to many just gotta know how to take control of things... it's always the case where people make use of the guys and girls who're nice... but you gotta know to say "NO" when u feel that u r gonna get used or taken advantage of... Now that you've learnt it, you can easily do it..then people will realise that it doesnt work that anymore... this has happened to me too... but sometimes, i do't look at it as being taken advantage of and jus help with a good heart and mind and forget about it..

It's always about giving and not expecting anything in return for the best will alwys find you some time some day..:-) This is the hard part though..


12:08 AM

Because you seem okay with some stuff, it appears that your friends assume you'd be alright with everything they can throw your way. This is neither their fault (how are they to know what irks you and what doesn't?) nor yours (if stuff irks you, it irks you). Calmly telling them in a polite friendly manner that certain subjects are not-so-cool to joke about might set the record straight? If they persist, then you have valid reason to be upset rather than saying nothing and allowing it to fester to the point where a blow-up would seem inevitable.


3:10 AM

LD: The last point which you have pointed out is the exact thing I am trying to do but as you have said its the most hardest thing to do.
In the past I have ppl that I am not a person where they can take advantage of or make fun of all the time but when i say that they think I am overreacting.. and stop talking with me forever. Its not that I cant take jokes or teasing but when its over the boundary.. you don't have a choice ryte? guess this what confuses everyone specially me.. and I also think being nice all the time doesn't help(which is sooo pathetic..)

Darw: thats what exactly what I do unfortunately my friends doesn't realize that.How about having a small group of people only without making friends all the time? will that help me?


5:56 PM

Wel man ur in a tricky situation. For me there was a time that people were scared of me coz I would break their teeth if they said some thing to me. That stage is long gone.

And then there came a friendly stage. Even while doing that I had some arguments and street fights some times but u know thing went away.

After few years of school I learnt to be friendly with people but not to get upset over there attitudes. Without that working at an office is not possible.

I think ur situation is a bit of a mix. Just because ur friendly that doesn’t mean ur up for every thing. That’s a rock hard decision u have to make. If some one screws u don’t screw them back. Let them go. That’s what I do now. If ur so called friends are assholes u have no other choice to find few new good 'friends'


12:18 AM

fm: Yea man I know what you mean thanks... People will try to take advantage of me.. but that was past now I am different person and the people who wants to make a micky of me well i just leave them.. and you wont be alone by just leaving some ryte? I got many friends so I wont be sad of leaving some who doesn't deserve my friendship.

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