Time Flies ...

Lot of my friends; and friends of friends went abroad this week. Most of them went to Australia for there higher studies and I guess most of them will stay there for ever and would not return. Some are planning to come around 2009 or later. With all of this happening what I got to realize is that "Time flies sooo quickly these days". isn't it?
I mean I got my break way back in September and now its February and I don't know how my holiday went sooo fast. And I am starting uni again soon and who knows It will end soon as well.

The thing i cant understand is that "can we get out of this rat race ?"I mean we got no time to spend with our families, friends and relatives and most importantly we also cannot find anytime time for ourselves. Days come and days go but I think we are just in the same place trying to make plans for the next role in life(maybe studies, job or family..).Is it just how the circle of life has been made by evolution or is it just we don't think of dividing some time which we can use effectively for special and prized moments??

Anyways i saw a quote saying "Remember yesterday.... Dream about tomorrow... but,LIVE TODAY!!.
Guess thats the best way to go about it isn't it?

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8:53 PM

Exactly man. Life is too short to be waiting for. Today is every thing. Yesterday is gone and its just a library to read and reffer.


10:14 PM

Yea man thats what I got to realize these days. Life is now like a do or die thing. If you do it you will win. :)

  Lady divine

9:42 PM

it sure is a race out there...like FM said, make the most of today for time lost is time lost forever!

I know it's hard to make time for everything..so it's upto you to choose wisely and decide on how you're gonna do what matters most to you..:-)


10:23 PM

LD: Yea I know what u mean but you see that's the hardest thing to do these days... You got so much obligations to fulfill and soo little time to do it and u see everything matters to me thats the worst part.. hope I can manage everything and do it all successfully! :)

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