Lost Soul.. Here My Call...

You want to cry to let out your pain
A pain which has someone else's name
You don't know what the hell... to do?

You just cry every night in your bed
Without noise... cos everyone might hear it
Thinking why this life is worth living for?

It's just sooooooo hard to bear inside
You try to stay happy but You cant do that
You need someone by your side
To be the person.. You want... to be.... in Life

You smile with everyone that you meet
You show them that you are really happy
But is it the true side of your life?

You just try to work on just one thing
And concentrate only on that special thing
Yea... I know you cant do it at all!!

You lost a lover because of friendship
You lost a friend because of love
Now you don't know what the hell to do?

One thing that you can do is..
Set your soul free and forget everything
Still there are many fish in the sea

Just be the person you want to be
Don't let others ruin it easily
Don't look back just be the person you are!

Its just a bad memory you have to forget
A lost cause without any sense
This doesn't mean that end is near for you

Come to me... Come by my side
If you need a friend just bug me anytime
You know i always care about you!

You know i always care about you!

(This is dedicated to all the people who have lost a friend because of love and the other way around)

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  Lady divine

9:22 PM

That was nice. At first I thought you were saying it to "Lost Soul" hehee..

Well, there's a lot to look forward to in life than fret over something that went wrong. I learnt this the hard way. Take such incidents and memories as a passing cloud. and when you look back, take the lesson you learned and what you discovered about yourself.. Life doesn't come easy. With everything that happens, there's something to learn from it, and something that makes u a stronger person.

I know it hurts and is really awful..but time does help with many problems..but unfortunately, not all. You need to be strong and determined.. try not to be sad...for the tears might blur your vision and take away something wonderful that will happen later.:-)Always try to be happy..

And about pretending to be happy, I think when a person pretends, that person actually lives thru that pretense. So when you do, you begin to feel it to a certain extent. Sometimes it can actually make you happy...coz you know what it feels like. I admire people who can smile thru problems and tackle them..sometimes it's pretending that takes them there..:-) and it has worked..:-)


8:15 AM

LD: Thanks and it was dedicated to all the lost souls ( including our friend lost soul hehe..)

Yea I know what you are trying to say..I also had to experience something like this during my life so far but i quickly recovered I really got to know later in my life crying or being depressed for things you never got in life its only made me stronger to strive for better things and believe me I am getting the results so far :)

Being pretentious to be happy hmmmm
i think its bit of both ways isn't it? pretending will make you happy and look gr8 to others but its like lying to your heart which is something most people cannot bear this is something one of my friends doing at the moment.. hope he will find a new way in life and be the man he used to be :)

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

5:09 AM

hey there, im really sorry this post slipped past. Just goin through it now, guess kinda late. i'm just lost for words, thank you wud be start i suppose. u've just summarized ma blog in just one post :D hehe.. i'm not sure if u wnt through all the post. bt i havent lost a friend cos of love n i havent lost a love cos of friendship. im finding the balance. its really strange how things work out at the end, when u struggle in a day n goes to vain but it turns out alright later...

U can only pretend to those who dont know you. ppl who really knows ur heart wud even need to see ur face to tell you that ur having a hard time n hangin in there for the sunshine..


12:56 AM

LS: Thank u very much for the compliment its just a common scenario isnt it? I mean many people think that they know you but when they look further down they figure out " Ok! I thought I knew him already " Life is funny sometimes but as the theory of life describes "Everything happens for a Reason ! All the Best !:)

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