Driving License

Dear Driving License
Why are you doing this to me???
Everyone has it and says they have it
But you don't come to me...

I Know I Failed once
But it was just bad luck
I got a bad instructor
Common.. is that my fault??

Dear Driving License
Why you are drifting away??

I cant always take free rides
My pocket is empty for the bus rides

So come to me
Plzzzzzzzzz Come to Me !

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  Lady divine

8:03 PM

hey...u failed the test???? well don't worry...u can do it again...i think usually the instructors bribe the examiners or whatever you call them...maybe in ur case it wasn't done..there's always a second time..so don't worry and good luck!:-)


8:15 PM

Lady Divine... Thanks and yea I am going to do it this year again. hope I ll get through this time once and for all :D


8:48 AM

"I cant always take free rides
My pocket is empty for the bus rides"

Dude u just kidding right?


1:32 AM

gayal: no man not kidding but i am happy tat i dont have it now cos there are lot of reckless drivers out there and I won't to be a part of it

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