Wishing on a Star

I am wishing on a star
To carry me through
To take me to a place
Where I can get to you

I am wishing on a star
To carry my hopes and dreams
I wish you can do the same
So I can be with you

Take the step
Don't be afraid
I will be with you
No matter what

I want you in my life
I want you by my side
Just wish upon a star my gal
and we will be through !

(Dedicated to a dear friend of mine .. I wish you all the Best !)

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  Lady divine

3:42 AM

sweet...:-) your good with poetry..that's nice..it's something rare in guys..i'm talking about modern day guys...:-)


5:31 AM

Hey thanks for the complement :D Appreciate it :D


3:24 AM

awesome.......its soo good....real good man......
cant wait to hear more from you,,,


3:30 AM

K: Thanks for the complement.. Will sure add some more in the future :D

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