Friends ... errrrrrrrrrr

Last Saturday I had to face one of the most awkward situations I have faced so far. It was one of the worst hours in my life and it all came up be cos of my friends.. Here s the story. I ll represent the names of my friends with their first letter so that you want get confused while reading this..

Last Friday I called one of my friend's with whom I keep in touch every week although I am stuffed up with work. His name is "S" and during the conversation "S" invited me to his place on Saturday afternoon so we can hang out and talk which is something we do every month whenever we get the chance. There 's another friend who hang with us his name is "A" and we said to him to come as well. This way the time and date was settled.

Now there s another friend who hangs with me on weekends. His name is "W" This guy is a frequent visitor to my place and also we go out frequently and brings me to my place and drops me when ever it gets late. He called me on Saturday and wanted to go some where.. I said to him I am going out with my family this Sat and told him to come to my place on Sun so we can hang out( I didn't tell him that I am going to "s" s place cos he is not close with "S" that much and would get angry with me cos I am going to S's place without going with him).

Everything was ok .. till around 3.30 when "W" called me that he was coming to my place. I said I was going out .. but he said that he knows that I am going to "S" and If i go there " Our Friendship was Over !!!"
As I said earlier there was another friend named "A" who was going to come with me to
"S" s place.. What I learnt was he was with "W" at the moment and has told him that he and me was going to "S" 's place in the afternoon...

Yep I was ScreweD!!!!

However I was able to handle the situation calmly and I was able to satisfy all my friends to the best of my ability..( W and A came to my place on Saturday and I went to "S" s place on Sunday after solving the situation with him )

So what do u see? you cant rely on friends isn't ? Why do people threaten others and try to get what you want? how can you threat and keep a friendship with someone?? The things I realized from this situation is simple.. "Never to trust a friend other than the people in my family and cousins who know you better than yourself"... My friends never trust me but i trust them ( only one friend has provided me the friendship that I have given to him so far.. unfortunately I dont meet up with me often). I was sooo depressed but i think I handled the situation calmly without bringing up any brawls or fist fights.. but one thing happened tho " I lost the trust I had for my friends" I was heartbroken .. but as i have done all through my life so far .. living alone is not a problem and I will live like that in the future as well..


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  Lady divine

10:02 PM

hey...u shouldn't have lied in the first place.... as long as u r faithful and honest,u got nothing to worry abt..:-)


10:30 PM

LD: I know i should have said the truth in the first place but the thing is those friends doesn't like each other that much and I donut want them to fight or quarrel among each other be cos of me.. thats like a bigger sin isn't it? These friends of mine sometimes doesn't want to hear the truth... :( so i feel telling lie isn't a sin is it?


4:26 AM

Well true, sometime you may come to a situation where you may have to lie to your friends, but the bottom line is one true friend would definitely understand why you lied to them and learn to forgive you for it... But it's best you don't lie to your close friends in the first place...


5:54 AM

Sudantha : Yea man definitely copied that I wont lie again at any cost its there choice to make if they want me as a friend or not.. what ever happens ill be a friend to them any time any place :)

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