True Love

Gal do you know...
That I love you so much
You are the only one...
That I ever ever want

It is just hard to see...
We just smile and depart
Talking with our eyes...
Not with our mouths

Gal do you know...
That I have never loved anyone
The way I feel about you...
Is sooo strong

Maybe you are considering...
Me as just a friend
That why you often come...
And just walk away

Gal do you know...
I love you soooo much
You are the one God sent me ...
From the heavens above

You can kiss me or kill me
I want you beside me
Cos you will ever be...
My True Love

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9:04 PM

ever considered songwriting ?? u seem to have got the inspirations!!


6:10 AM

dogfight- Thank You Very Much man I just write these for fun for others to enjoy glad you like it :) If i get a chance to write songs I will write it but don't wanna do it for money...
Thanks Again :)

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

12:06 AM

tooo touchy, nicely done though. use the pain as a fullfillment to be loved/loving someone. Time will answere ur question, wait for it, for loving someone today will never go vain. cos u never know who falls in love with ur tears


12:19 AM

LS : Thank you Very Much :-)

  Lady divine

11:07 PM

i actually agree with dogfight and what LS has to say.. looks like these guys have already given the comments i had in mind..:-)

Hold on disease, everything works out right at the right moment.. we just gotta wait and see..:-)and be hopeful!


1:08 AM

LD: Ya LD hope is what we got isn't it? I am gonna hope for the best nothing else, nothing less Thanks Again :-)


10:05 PM

WTF is dis...Horrible dude?


1:26 AM

Genesis : You mean about the pic man?
its awesome isnt it ? :)

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