Good or Bad ???

Last week I made a decision in my life that I wanted to take a long time back but never did . The decision was to " Never To ask out a Gal or have a Girlfriend till I am 26" ..It was really hard but it didn't came SUDDENLY ! this came because of a lot of reasons and experiences that I came across during my life so far.
The main reason for this decision is something that I cant also understand." I have lost the interest for GALS!!! ( Now I am sure you are thinking what is this bugger saying ??? is he nutzzz??? well believe me its not only you ) This has come to be rather surprisingly and the most awkward manner it can come. But I think it has happened due to some things that occurred to me during the last few months.

In the past when I saw a beautiful Gal ( or any gal whom I felt they are pretty and nice) I used to get all the signals ..I used all my abilities to find out who that gal was and If I cant do that I would look at her around 100 times so i can please my self
and be happy( I am sure this is something that any ordinary guy does!) But Now...
Its all gone.. I am feeling nothing towards a woman and I don't get the same attraction or more precisely I am not aroused by a woman 's beauty. Now I know what you must be thinking... Nope I am not like Elton John lol ! I am not like him in anyway and if that happended I would have gone and hanged my self. Its just that I am not attracted to women anymore...

The other reasons are quite complicated.. Two gals gave me the boot for reasons that is better known for themselves and the 3rd one well I gave the boot to her cos she was unfaithful ( It was payback and I loved every moment of it ..) the last thing just changed the state of my mind completely.

The above reasons made me take my decision. And most of my friends said thats its a very good decision and the others said " man you are crazy go and see a doctor you are GAY !!!" . ( which is totally wrong as I stated above.. They can say anything cos they got women whom they just keep for company and to pass there time .. ASSHOLES ! )

One thing should be said that I am not intimidated or offended from the fairer sex. I have a lot of female friends( more than the Asses I have mentioned above who don't even have one !) and I will always cherish there friendship and Ill be a friend to them forever and ever !

Its just the GF concept is out of mind for the moment and feelings such as lust ,sex
etc etc is not in my soul any more. Its sad but I cant do anything about it can i ? I am still 21 and I have my studies to worry about ( which is getting tougher and tougher everyday...) Ill be a good human being and I have a dream of owning my own firm someday.. I will work for it . I will see when I am 26 I am interested of having a woman in life and if I NOT... I am planning to stay single forever cos its not worth marrying a woman just to make kids and help to carry on my name ...

This is a U turn in my life and I hope the outcome will be good. but still I need to ask all of you one thing. Is this decision good or bad? any feedback will be greatly


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  Lady divine

10:01 PM

To start with, I don't think it's weird and it's not bad..
things will happen at the right time so got nothing to worry abt..

it's normal to feel this way.. taking into account what you've been thru before.. ur still young...and u've got so many others things wo worry abt it life.. education should come first now...coz this is where u get the chance to set the right path ro ur life in future.. so do things right and work hard..

well i'm only an yr older to u..:-) and i'm already advicing..hehehee..

im sure when the right one comes u'll get attracted again...
but don't have any hard and fast rules about not getting hooked up till ur 26 and all that coz those don't really work.. just let time settle things for you..and good luck with everything! :-)


4:47 AM

LD: Thank You Very Much for your advice and suggestions. As u told I am going to concentrate on my studies only now.. not gonna worry about women.. I am going to think this as a blessing cos when you start to worry about women u cant do anything hehe so this new state of mind would enable me to do my studies well and when u make a name even the queen of england will be dying to marry me :->
I am gonna let time solve everything and I wish with all my heart that time will solve everything.

Thank you again for being a helping hand to enable me to get through with this problem :-)


4:55 AM

When you say you're not attracted to women anymore, that implies that you are now attracted to men, which I'm sure is not your intention. Attraction and desire to DO something about that attraction are two different things. I'm very much attracted to men (show me a picture of Daniel Craig and ask me if I think he's hot!) but I'm not exactly plotting how I can snag him either. I've been single for almost 2 years now by choice and I'd be lying if I said I haven't found anyone attractive during that time. It's just that I've never felt an overwhelming urge to date them either. Hope that makes sense!


10:16 AM

Darwin : Well its not that I am not attracted to women u know. the past is haunting me whenever I start to get close to a gal or try to get to know one. Thats why i took that decision so that i keep away myself from those feelings and be happy with the life I am living now. the past relationships were not close bonds so I presume with time I would get the perfect one with whom I can share my life with..
Trust me.. being single is the best way to live than being committed. :-)

Thank You Very Much for the comment

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

1:23 AM

Maybe u call it time off ;-) All of us need time off from anything we do, its more or less a stress breaker.

On the serious note, everyone goes through this pace at some point of their lifetime. Its come early/late im not sure, u say ur 21, i wud say been there done that, but taking u as individual, i think u wanna think it out take time to make sure if a relationship is somethin you really need in ur life right now? Question IF a woman/grl can make you life more meaninful after al what u've been through.

REVENGE is sweet when its served cold. It's best that if we all learn to let it go, think out of the situation, if someone cheated on u, walk away from it. find someone who is worth ur time n love. don waste it on taking revenge which is not goin to mean anythin more in ur life.

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