The Train

It is 10.30
the train is about to leave
You are going , I am also going
But in different ways

Remember... the first day we met ,
On an evening train while going home
I was stunned by a natural Beauty
Standing in the corner, all alone

U looked at me , I looked at U
I tried to smile but it was hard to do
You smiled at me while speaking with your eyes
I knew I have fallen in love at first sight

Days and days just passed and passed
Everyday we talked and laughed
The train was traveling at higher speeds
But we were stuck in each others heart

Remember the day I said " I love you ?"
I still remember how you cried all way through
You said u have a guy your parents want to marry to
I was just a friend you wanted just to talk to

How silly I am to have said those words?
Once I was happy now It really hurts
She just wanted a friend in the train
Why did I fall for her smiling face?

Why did she play with me ?
She played with my life and heart
I can't bear this pain inside
I feel i am lost in the dark

Tell me WHY?
Don't I have a chanced to be LOVED??

The train is moving
And you are leaving
I cannot live anymore with this painful memories
I will go home again "ALONE"

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  ~ lo$t $oul ~

2:01 AM

Be happy she cried the truth to you, she put a stop to a pain even bigger than ur right now. Be happy you loved her, be glad you told her, never feel silly. Heart ever knows the beauty of skin for it knows how another heart smiles when its together, sometimes its not meant to be for long. Its meant be as a lesson for you belief there is love in you n want to be loved. The Train does stop and you need to take another one if you want to get to where you want to travel.


3:36 AM

The train will stop my friend
And I ll move one
I wont cry for the love that is gone

I am really happy that I loved someone
true to my heart , not for fun

I don't envy her , I don't envy my heart
Till I find the right one..
My journey will go on...

  Lady divine

11:34 PM

hey, u told her what you felt and you didn't get what you hoped for...
you know, the best things in life always take time to come... you'll get something way better...

You've to be happy you had the guts to say it to her and get her response..:-)

and i'm totally with that LS said..:-)


12:06 AM

LD: Yep I also agree with what LS said.. some say best things comes later isn't? i am moving on till the best things come to me.. I am not desperate but will be waiting for the right person to come who deserves my affection.

LD & LS: Thank You Very Much :)

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