Sick Inside and Outside

I need to breath
I need to live free
But I have lost all my hope

I got a sickness
A very bad sickness
Something that has no cure

My family is smiling
But I know they are crying
They do not want me to know

The days keep on moving
My time is just passing
God ! take me

I don't want this pain anymore !!!

(Dedicated to one of my relatives who is suffering from Cancer and to all Cancer Patients around the Globe ... Hope any Doc will be able to find a cure for it..SOONER
rather than LATER !! )

~Peace ~

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  Lady divine

1:56 AM

All we can do is hope that these patients don't suffer.. as for finding a cure, I'm sure that's what many are trying to do...

Let's hope ur relative would be fine soon..


5:13 AM

LD : Thank You Very much.., Yea hope is only thing we got don't we? I wish he will be fine soon as well


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