My Favorite Sporting Idols

Now when it comes to watching and loving sports I am proud to say that I am a die hard one of that. and I have a lot of favorite sportsmen and women and today I am am gonna share with you my top 8( male and female) sporting icons ... Check it Out !

1. Roger Federer

Well tho I am a Die Hard cricket fan . I love other sports as well and my number 1 sportsman is from the world of Tennis.. and its none other than Mr. Roger Federer. He is most humble , soft spoken champion I have ever seen in the sporting arena. At the game he is ruthless no one can beat him these days other than Rafael Nadal who got the better of him last weekend. But overall he is the best of the best . Better than Pete Sampras . He is the number one in the Tennis he is Number one in my list.. Hope I can meet him or get his Autograph someday :-)

2.Sanath Jayasuiya

Now as I told my First Love is Cricket and when it comes to Cricket; my favorite sportsman Is our very own Sana Boy lol . He 's awesome batting brought SL the cricket world cup in 1996 and he is still playing in all his guts to date to bring us that glory yet gain. A gr8 sportsman and a gr8 human being .. Sana Boy you ROCK !!!

3.Kumar Sangakkara

The Stumper of the SL cricket Team this guy is the perfect all rounder.. fluent in his batsman ship as well as his talking and his keeping. He can be a role model to anyone when it comes to facing challenges and when to comes to developing a strong mind.. awesome sportsman awesome human being.

4.Michael Schumacher

Now I love F1 racing and I began to like it because of just one person and he is the one and only Micheal Schumacher. He s the best racing driver I have ever seen and his record just speaks it self about the greatness of him. I am sad that he retired but will remain as one of the most humble and awesome sportsmen that I have had the pleasure of watching.

5.Micheal Ballack

My next sporting icon comes from the game of football and he is in my favorite football team ; Germany. He is none other than Micheal Ballack. he is one amazing footballer and can be devastating on his day. He is very patriotic and I felt sorry for him when he was crying when Germany lost the Semi Final to Italy in the world cup last year. He can score gr8 goals and is one of my all time favorites.

6.Martina Hingis

Now its back to Tennis and this is my favorite sports women by a long shot; Its non other than Martina Hingis. She's is Charming , got a beautiful smile and when during her hay days no one was able to beat her. What impressed me most is her personality and her tennis both which was in a different league than any other. Unfortunately she got injured and didnt play for sometime but now sh 's back on again and I am glad to see her playing her very best again .

7. The Undertaker

Wresting is one of my favorite sports after cricket. and when it comes to wresting theres one sportsman that I wont forget forvever.. "The UnderTaker" with a theme song that sends shivers through the spines Undertake has amassed me as a wrestler as well as a n human being .. his moves are soo unique and in his own words he is the one and only "Dead man "!!!

8. Tiger Woods

The best golfer that most people have ever had the pleasure of witnessing ( including me) Tiger Woods is one of the best sportsmen that have graced the world so far. His never say die attitude just amazes me and his golfing skills are just awesome!!! one of the all time greats in sports.

9. Kobe Bryant

He is my favorite basketball player after Micheal Jordan and is the "THEE" best BSB player currently playing in the NBA. He 's dunks and moves are really awesome to watch and he is playing in my favorite basketball team the Lakers. Thumbs Up to Kobe!

10.Matthew Hayden

Well the my favorite last sporting personality is from Australian Cricket Team. Matthew Hayden is just one of the most awesome batters I have seen. He was down and out in the 90's when he was sent away for lack of form but came back in 2000 and since then has become one of the ruthless batters in the world.The guy looks like a wrestler with a unique physique. but overall an awesome humble sportsman.

Well I can name more .. but these people are my favorites. They are not good at what their doing but also good when it comes to talking to people , handling pressure , professionalism and personality.. Thats why I like to call them the titans of the sporting world and I am proud to have witnessed each of them at their game demolishing their opponents with ease unique ability.

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  Lady divine

9:58 PM

That's a good list.....
I also like admire fans of my teens years and before that..
Like Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graph...:-)
I'll never forget them..

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

11:32 PM

Surprised KOBE made it in ur list.
He's the top sports personality in ma list. Im very strict abt personality list.. KOBE just rocks the roof down. Hope he can carry Lakers to victory.


6:12 AM

LD: Yea you cannot forget them they simply rocked during their hay days. I wish I could watch them again performing at their best :-)

LS:Yea man KOBE is my fav BSB player :-) and hope too that he can take the
the Lakers to victory fingers crossed :-)


9:16 AM


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  Ethan Smith

10:10 AM

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