My Life is Changing

I am back after the electric shock :). I am stuck with my university work and life is getting hectic minute by minute but still when I get sometime I always try to blog on just about anything so here it is ..

The last few days have bought up a lot of drastic changes to my life. It started with the world cup final where after we lost the match I got sick maybe because of my dear love for the sport and also maybe of the events that occurred that night. I was at home for about a week or so and I couldn't do anything .. but as wise men said" Every dark cloud has a silver lining " I began to think about my life so far and so the changes began to occur.

I determined to be more positive in life. I must admit that I have always been a negative thinker during my younger days but some how I was able to overcome that during situations that matters the most. Now tho I have become more positive than ever before and it has enabled me to carry out my studies well than before.

Next I am trying to be too emotional. specially when I watch Cricket matches :) .. I am sort of a person who never watches a match if it goes till the last ball and cries a lot when someone hurts me or takes advantage of me .. But nowadays I have become stronger and emotions doesn't control me .. I control them :-)

Other than these I have become more quieter and do most of the talking through my eyes and smile. Its like that saying " Don't speak unless you are spoken to" I guess i doing it at the moment but I don't know if its good or bad.

Although these changes have helped me to become a better person there are 2 things in life I cant get over with :(. the first thing is my fear for driving and the 2nd thing is my desperation for companionship or more precisely love.

As I have said before driving is my greatest fear .. I don't know how to overcome that
specially when i see the no of vehicles in the road these days. maybe its because I love traveling in the bus so much that my interest towards driving is fading away.. I really feel sad when I go to parities cos I always ask my bro or dad to drop me I feel distressed of asking them for the ride all the time.. so this is where i really get annoyed for the inability to turn the steering wheel.

I got another good old saying from a song I love " Girls don't like Boys.. Girls like Cars and Money.. " which I believe is true to a great extent. Most gals I know have got their BF's be cos of this factor. Some of them have considered the looks as well but overall its the materialistic things that matters to most of the gals in SL.
This is where my problem comes in I don't have any of these except for some charming looks which has come to me with my name ( I am proud to say i am Charming hehe I love my looks its the best :-) ) and qualities with some craziness :-) but still I haven't got a girlfriend. As i have mentioned before whenever i fall for a gal she's either committed or has a crush one some other guy. My bro can drive so there you go he has a GF ..why is this happening to me??? I guess all the single guys are thinking like this .. Its not FAIR!!!!! isn't it?

I must say that during the past few days I have begun to feel gay a bit.. cos most of the time I hang with and if you c me you will seldom see me hang or talk with a gal one on one for 5 or 10 minutes.. I just want to be like normal guys and balance my relationships.. so far i can see it going just one way

Anyways I wont let this crap get into my head :) I got my studies to worry about so I am going to enhance the changes I blogged about earlier ... travel in the good old bus which I love so much and wait for the ryte gal to come to me so I can share my love in a memorable , cherished true way... till then

my life will go on with my core competencies which will surely help me to become the person I really want to be in life.

To all of you who are reading this post hope it would bring some inspiration to your life .. Never worry about your defaults look at your strengths live life the way you like.. nothing can beat you to the place you want to be in life all the best and keep on smiling :-)


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  ~ lo$t $oul ~

12:24 AM

only time will answer questions. the answers might not be sweet always. but its all part of bigger puzzle which we may never complete. someone wud show us the missing others like to hide it from us.

Most gals are materialistic.. its true to an certain extent, but then there are a very few who loves the companionship for who ur.

so let time decide what needs to be in ur life and not what you want for the moment.

we all have a hole in the heart for a relationship.

  Lady divine

11:25 PM

hey, driving isn't that bad... it definitely requires a bit of guts and some practice..and then u'll be fine.. actually it's a great advantage if u can drive... so take it more seriously and try it out.. Did u get ur license?

About the girls...I think u should change the way u r thinking....all girls are not the same dude... all don't look for cars, but a fairly significant set of girls do look for cars and money coz they can have fun.. BUT remember, all are not the same..

See, I was in a relationship too and not anymore... there's always the right time for the right person to appear in ur life.. so just hold on and wait.

But there's nothing stopping u from making friends with girls and socialising right...

Take it easy.. u r just thinking too much men.. there are far worse problems.. So take it easy..:-)

And good luck with driving!


1:14 AM

LS : Thank you very much :-)
Yea man I know time will be the main factor and I am just letting time flow through and see how it will answer and enable me to solve out these changes successfully.

LD: hehe yea i know LD driving is not bad just i feel scared abt it thats all that why i am not attempting it cos one mistake the consequences are high ryte? ( dont think i am thinking negative or such but it just how i feel cos i have seen lot of bad accidents ryte in front of my eyes).

and about the gals well i am have left them out of my mind for the moment :-) my studies are getting soooo hectic these days so i am thinking only abt that at the moment :)

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