What a Week...

First of All I would love to wish all my blog friends viewers of my blog and friends who goes to my blog link at least accidentally
A Very Happy Joyous and a Peaceful 2008 !!!

True it took me a long time to wish everyone for the New Year but the past week has been a very tiresome one for me with a mix of joy and expectations. Here is a bit of that..:-)

My First Job

Yep I am last I m employed :-) at least temporally till I get Job in the field I desire. I am working at my Uncles Office at Union Place now and though some areas are hard to understand I think I am getting the hang of it I am getting the feeling of the office enviornment for the first time and I should say its totally different from school or even uni enviornment. Answering phone calls, going places when required, meeting deadlines whoah it all happened to me this week and by Friday I couldn't even lift my head up becos of a severe headache which I guess was a repercussion of all the incidents during the week.. I worked on the 31st as well which was my first day and what 31st it was...

31st Night
As I told I began to work on the 31st because of its the beginning of the week.. well after all the initial stuff I had to go with my Uncle to various places where he introduced me to various people and how various operations work in the Office.. I didnt have lunch till around 3.30 and when I finally had it I got a very bad stomach ache and it was really really bad I must say... then my uncle took me to some site which is out of Colombo and with all the bearings of the pains and aches I returned home at 8.00 pm. I was really shit tired so slept as soon as I got home.. when I woke up it was 8.00 am on the 1st where I went to work again.. It was one of the unforgettable 31st nights in my life so far luckily office was closed at around 12 on the 1st so I got home early talked to all my friends and wished them Happy New Year and got some sleep which I really needed so badly :-)

Planning for the New Year
As the New Year dawned I got some stuff planned out in order to succeed more this year. Its some what a do or die year for me so I just got all my plans ready firstly get this driving license out of the way.. ( I really need it cos for some reason its playing a big part in my life for which the reason I really don't know) find a permanent Job and also find if theres true love out there for me as well :-)
anyways lets c if it all goes well.. as someone said "If you fail to plan.. you plan to fail" so I guess I have done that for the moment :-)

Well Ill stop for now.. hope I didn't get you all bored.. once again I wanna wish everyone of you a Very Happy 2008 may all your dreams and endevours become a reality!!! :-)

Until Next Time...


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  ~ lo$t $oul ~

6:41 AM

wish u all the best for the year ahead and at your new job.. !! details.. new hot chicks in office ;-) heheheh


2:35 AM

LS: Wish u the Same Man.. May all your endevours and objectives become a reality !!! :-)
well its a small office man no hot chicks really lol its just an office with one gal any lots of guys hehe
anyways lets c if they recruiting any new employees from the fairer sex during the new year :-)



8:28 PM

Life is like this when you start a job bro.. The time you spent at school & the Uni are the best days in ur life.. Things will never be the same again ever... Then again.. That's life, y'know...


12:14 AM

Kemali: Yea I know what u mean my friend work is taking toll on me these days but although its bad and hectic I am enjoying cos this experience is also for a lifetime na
lets c how it goes but as u said school and uni life is the best and sadly it wont come again but yet the memories I cherish them to the best !!! :-)


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