Christmas Chronicle

Its that time of the year again
where joy love and happiness rule
The dawn of Christmas is in the air
Cannot believe its so soon..
25th is a day to remember
Its my moms Birthday
Though, I am a Buddhist in Nature
I'm, a fan of Christmas Cake
I still can remember
The fun I used to have
with the Xmas tree and presents
all filled up
The Xylophone...
I got when I was small
The best present I got
It was fun playing it, with numerous tunes
Damn... I loved it a lot
The Birthday dinners
the Christmas Treats
Boy.. my stomach was full
Friends coming over
friends inviting in
Damn.. those were the days...
I hope this time too the fun will continue
bringing joy to everyone
May the world be blessed with Peace..
Merry Christmas Everyone !!! :-)

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  Lady divine

7:10 PM

May your mum be truly blessed on this day!:-)


9:29 PM

LD: Thank you Lady D :-) hope u had a brilliant Xmas 2 and wish u all the best for the coming new year.. :-)


7:11 AM

Yes it is..
Its that time of the year.
May there be Good Will among everyone!! and like you put it, ~Peace~


7:33 AM

dogfight: :-)

  cosmic clown

9:17 PM

hey disease...
thanks for visiting my blog.....
u too have lovely thoughts...very honest and true....
keep on ur good work....for Life is such a mystery......
will visit again ...cosmic clown


10:36 PM

Cosmic Clown : Thank you So much for your compliments and encouragement and Thank You for visiting my Blog 2 :-)

Hope to hear from you soon...
Regards.. Disease

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