Work , Life , Love and Everything .....

Sometimes I wonder about life a lot. U know.. how everything will go what results will I get from my actions.what the future has in store for me... Sometimes I fear about the future and that gets me worried big time and it brings up weird dreams and illusions to my mind which does not let me even sleep well.. however as time passes on I have gotten over those illusions and dreams and have tried to enjoy the moments in life every minute every hour every day I spend in this place called earth which has enabled me to always end up with a smile and keep my day to day life going without any hiccups.

I have started to realize the importance of work these days and how it really works
its got a big mixture of responsibility, understanding, commitment, communication, focus and the list goes on and on sometimes you have to deal with different kinds of people some who wants to work and some who doesn't want to and wants to just waste time and just be present during office and I have seen both sets already and tho its hard to keep up with them I guess I have managed to do that so far although sometimes those idlers are getting on my nerves as they like complaining no matter what happens
I guess its all comes to experience in the end so I am taking all of them positively :D

Also the cupid has again doing its best to get into me. this time its 2 gals and both of them are very sweet and pretty I dont have feelings for any of them yet but there s one gal I really like but then again I guess u all know how love has treated me
but one thing is good she has never been in a relationship and is open in everything we talk with each other.. so I still have hopes for her but its still on the primitive stage and if it all goes well who knows :-) anyways I am taking it slow
as its always said "Patience is Bliss"

With everything happening around I always try to give sometime for myself when I am going to sleep when I am traveling to work or going home. I am still looking for for that ability of mine u know that inside ability that makes a person different from others there have been different abilities that has come to me over the years. being crazy being a good friend having a smile and making people happy I guess its still the ability I have deep down which had helped me to be the man I am so far now. Its still working tho and like the Heroes TV series I feel I am a Hero to who gives people happiness make them smile and make them enjoy life than it is at present.. but still I am think I am missing something.. but the problem is I dont know what it is exactly...

There is nothing wrong on being yourself which I am doing 2 at the moment and always working to achieve something without giving up has also enabled me to gain a lot of success during the past few weeks.. ( I made a new application for my company all by self and its working perfectly so far :D )

Always be the Person u r and never Underestimate Yourself.. cos when your mind and heart is strong u can Achieve anything in Life :D

Until next time


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  Lady divine

8:39 AM

Your quote in bold is fabulous!!!! Something we all should go by..
And life would always have something to get us distracted, to get us down.. blah blah...

make wise decisions.. and well, if things go wrong, there's a lesson to be learnt..:-)


10:59 PM

LD: Thank You :-) yep decision making is a tough process but with experience I am getting more relaxed and I m always thinking twice before coming to any conclusions.. :-)
Thanks again Lady D ( by the way did u find that song u were looking for? if u didn't just let me know the title again ill c if I have it and let u know :-) )


  Lady divine

6:10 AM

I still couldn't find it men..:-(


6:29 AM

LD: hmmmm ok Lady D ill check on it and try to do a search for it and let u know.. dont worry everything can be found out and I am sure I will be able to find the song :D ill mail it to u as soon as I find it :D


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