I Cannot Take You Back...

From here on ill be posting some songs just randomly came/comes to my mind when I go to sleep every night.. The words just come to me naturally and in the end it ends up in a good song...:D
I thought of adding them to my blog so you can read and enjoy them 2 :D

Heres the first one of such songs.. its called "I cannot Take You Back..."

(Of course there is no music and you might not know how it goes according to tune.. But I am giving you freedom to come up with your own tune and sing a long :D I am sure it will make u happy just as it made me happy writing them and putting them for you to check out :D )

Enjoy !!!


why why why
r u coming back to me?
why why why
do u think i am crazy?
why why why
what happened to your other guy?
why why why
did he do the same to u..
the thing u did to me and my life

End Chorus

we were in love ....
like the stars and the moon
we were like...
the sea and the shore
we had a good thing...
going on
but you wanted more..
and then the end was on

Repeat Chorus

I always knew...
that you were different
I still cant figure out...
how I loved you
but you are coming back again...
why the hell is that?
you know that..
I cannot take you back

I cannot take you back
I cannot take you back

I cannot take you back

yeah... yeah...

I cannot take you back....

Repeat Chorus (till fade)

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  Lady divine

8:50 PM

aiyooo....sad song no... sigh!

hope all's good with ya! :-)


8:36 AM

LD: hehe yea sad songs works best for me I think :-D
I am doing good Lady D hope u r doing good 2

take care :-)


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