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Am I thinking too much again? seems like I am. Lately I have been pushed to the limit by my thoughts and it has taken control of my mind and it has brought up mix reactions , emotions and actions from me. I like it most of the time but sometimes I hate it cos it taking away my normal way of living life and enjoying life.

So you might ask what are these thoughts thats bothering me? Well I can't explain all of them here and though I want to do it I think this space ain't big enough for that. but yet I'll try to do as much as I can. (Since I am a Buddhist most of these thoughts are related to Buddhism but I am sure you can relate them to other religions as well.)

One of the burning thoughts or questions that I have in mind is why do we fall in love with people knowing that we are not gonna be with them forever? Just take our family I always loved my family members more than anything else (I still do) but this weird thoughts are making me sad cos they wont be there with me forever.. I love my grandparents my parents and my brother and sister soo much and I can't explain it in words and this thought which is true with Buddhism where nothing lasts forever is making me sad than ever. with that sadness reality struck me and I am trying to cope it and try to enjoy every moment with my family and putting them first before me. Last week I bought dinner for my family with my own money and when I saw everyone enjoying it I felt really happy with a small tear in my eyes. I still know that they wont be with me forever and it still makes me sad but I m gonna take count of each moment make them happy in every way I can and maybe when someday they are not with me I will be happy cos I was there for them when they were alive and when they needed me the most.

The other thought that keeps on bothering me are all the the bad thoughts Lord Buddha stated that disrupts a humans life. Hatred , Greed , Lust, Anger those are some things I have lately tried to get rid of from myself. Those thoughts have always made me a person that I am not and it always ended hurting my feelings others feelings and making me sad. Nowadays I am trying to stop these thoughts and feelings coming to me .I have started to become more patient, more silent and think wisely before performing my actions. Also I am beginning to forgive people more and you know it feels really great inside and I am feeling that what Lord Buddha has said is 100 percent true. By putting his teachings to action regularly has made me a new man a good human being and it has helped me to enjoy life more and be a little bit more wiser that ever before.

I am also following his thoughts on Sadness and "The 4 Noble Truths". And these days I am trying to understand it more so I can understand life more and find the ultimate happiness that Lord Buddha has discussed in his teachings.

You might be thinking that am I planning to become a priest? well that thought has not gone out of my mind but given the priests that you seen in temples these days , most of whom are not even respecting religion I guess its better to stay who I am and carry on with this learning and thinking process. You don't have to be priest to attain the ultimate happiness and thats what I believe in and try to do in life.

Of course you have to survive to achieve this and though thoughts might come to you is this the same guy we knew ? it is .. it is still me and I am still the normal guy :-) but yet I have begun to become more wiser, more mature and not think about petty things but important things in life while searching for the ultimate happiness.

I always believe that we were born as human beings for a reason and life is based on a reason I am in the process of finding that reason and if you feel that you should do it 2 its not late.. you can start now :-) as I told earlier it will make u more happier and enjoy life more just as its doing to me and someday it will help you to gain the ultimate happiness which will be the greatest fulfillment in life.

Before I leave with this post I would also like to suggest you to do these things as much as you can cos it helps you a lot to be happy and never feel sad again. :-)

"Help others as much as you can"

"Never love or get attached to anyone more than a particular limit"

"Try your best to stop having feelings such as Greed , Hatred, Lust and Anger"

"Be patient , Be Polite "

"Always Smile.. "

Until Next Time...


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