My Booooring Life...

Life is hectic with work everyday
Need to get the license but no free day
Cant go out during weekends cos I am damn tired and sleepy
Coming home and watching tv damn life is so boring

The big match this week but the tickets r out
Was planning to buy it sooner but my money ran out
Need to get enough sleep but still im not satisfied
Sometimes I wonder really "Is this the real life?"

I sometimes wish I had a girlfriend
I can at least spend time with her during weekends
But thats not always a problem cos I think I m lucky
I still can spend the weekend with my family

I think I m getting old
with my hair turning brown
I am also getting bold
With hair falling down

What ever happens I think I am getting wise
But still cant make alone decision
A problem I want to demise
Still this work and life situation is killing me a lot
Need to get some fun in life
Need to get it soon ...

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  Lady divine

2:52 AM

c'mon... u r still young..:D
Get it kicking... meet up with friends... hang out.... :) chill...


12:57 AM

Hey... If u wait wait n wait for things to happen in ur life. believe me.. it's never gonna happen. YOU have to make ur life interesting by helping urself out.. maybe ur thinking that u lack time to do ANYTHING at all.. Believe me.. you CAN find time if u really need to do urself a favour!! hang out with buddies... read books.. watch movies.. surf the net... trips.. listen to some music.. call up old friends and say 'hwdy'... chat with friends... Millions of things to do buddy!!! :) Start changing ur life NOW!!


12:09 AM

LD : Thank you Lady D for the tips :D
yea i know what you mean and I am doing my best to do that I guess keeping my self occupied is the solution and I am trying to do that as much as I can :-)

Kemali:Thank you for the tips and thoughts :D yep gonna change this state of life now otherwise ill pass out of boredom hehe time is not a problem mate I guess its the lack of motivation but I am gonna change that and gonna make this a happening one :D

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