Latest Developments :-D

Howd to all :). Its been a long time since I have posted and I missed it 2 but what to do I had so much things going on on the month of April so I didn't have time to come to my blog and post anything long other than the few songs. Now its all eased out a bit and I am back on running smooth :) anyways let me update on the latest developments :)

New Job

I got my first real kind of Job and I am over the moon at the moment about the whole thing :-D. I got the job at a software firm and I am working their as a Business Analyst which was kinda was my dream job when I was studying at APIIT. Its exactly one month since I started and its going good so far. The people in the place were weird in the beginning but since I have always been a peoples man I was able to get a long with them and now its kool with everyone :). work wise I m learning the whole trade of their business for the moment hopefully I can learn their business activities soon and contribute my best to the firm which I always wanted to do :)

My Results
I finally got my results on my degree and its a bit of a chaos at the moment :S. The problem is I got all my results but I don't know what my final grade is ( you know weather its a 1st,2nd upper etc etc). When I called and asked the admin about the whole thing what they said was that there was some confusion with my marks in Sri Lanka and in Malaysia where the results are moderated. I am ok with that fact but the thing is its something that has happened only to me :( sooo I am waiting till the results come and by the looks of it I think it might be a 2nd Upper. lets wait and c what happens :)

Other than the above 2 life is pretty much the same to me. My uncle came down from Aussie for 3 weeks and spending time with him and my little cousin sisters was wonderful tho I had to sleep on the living room in a mattress which was in a way awkward but was good fun 2 hehe. I always wished if they would live in SL but I guess they have a life over there and seems like the 2 sisters are also got used to it.

One thing I have realized these days is nothing comes easily in life. For me its a true fact cos nothing seem to happening for me at the time I want it to happen. I talked with my Dad about this today and what he said was things like that are the ones that will make you happy. guess he is right about that one . and now I know that my life is something that is not pre-written and going the way it should be at some points but its a challenge I like and I thrive on Challenges :) so gonna give my best shot and gonna make it right to the best of my ability as time moves on :)

My bro got accepted to a uni in USA so I am really happy about that these days :D the lad is a silent hard worker so is my sis both of them has got the brains to succeed in life and hopefully both of them will achieve their dreams of becoming an engineer and doctor and who else would be more prouder of them than their Big Brother ? :)

Hope all of my Blog friends r doing good and I think my first salary is on the way.. If you like just leave your email address details on the comments page of this post I would be really glad to give you a treat 2 since you people have been their with me all through which I appreciate a lot and for which I would love to give a big "THANK YOU " :-D

keep in touch my friends and don't worry Disease always think about you and you are never forgotten cos all of you have become an eternal part of my life :)

Till Next Time...


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  Lady divine

9:37 PM

Me good... and glad about your developments and family developments!! always good to her things like this...
Sorry about your results though.. lets hope it all happens for a good reason..
once in my second yr, one of the lecturers lost my assignment.. and she immediately asked for a soft copy... based on that, she kept a margin and graded it. then, just after exams, she found it!!!! damn that woman! but I got a good grade anyway..:D


6:12 AM

LD: Hey sorry for the late reply Lady D u know work ne so no time for me other than the weekends hehe

yep dont talk abt the marks and results I always had a problem during my first and 2nd years 2 and it took sometime to settle and in the end went the correct way

as I said the wait is now over and I am glad its done now hehe

hope u r doing good and wish you all the best with everything :)


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