2nd Upper !

Well all the mysteries and scandals are over and I finally got my results issue solved.
The call came on Friday and the uni people wants me to come and explain the whole thing. I am feeling really proud of myself as well as content on my results. I guess the pain finally paid off yeh? :)

I forgot the whole scandal a week ago and now I am glad its over.:)

Hope everyone is Having a Wonderful Weekend.. :)

Bye for Now


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7:20 PM

Conjuzz Man!! 4 me it has a great feeling than a 1st Class I dunno y !!

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

6:15 AM

Congrats mate.....


7:12 AM

Wow bro... Congrattttttttttttzzzzzzzzz... Sooo sooo sooo proud of u..

  Lady divine

9:24 PM


Now we gotta party man!!!
Send the vodka this way will ya..;)


9:46 AM

oh thanks you guys for all the wishes I appreciate a lot :)

DF: yep I kinda feel that 2 mate hehe thank you so much for the Wishes =)

LS: Nice to c u back man and Thank you so much for the wishes =)

Kemali: Thank you so much Sis =)

LD:hehe thank you sooo much for the Wishes Lady D =) and yea we should party hard ill send you the vodka just name me the place and where I should drop them off :-D

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