My Results Celebration

Last weekend I decided to reward myself for my results with some kinda celebration and to do that I wanted to go out for a movie with my friends so we can go for the movie and go for dinner. I planned out the whole thing when at the last minute my friends told me they cannot make it. some didn't even respond and some well I kinda never asked them due to some bad things they did for me lately.. Anyways I was not dishearten by the whole thing and I wanted to badly watch the movie.. so what did i do? I went alone
yep ALONE !! :-)

I must say it was one maxxa fun hehe. The movie I watched was Iron Man and it turned out to be pretty good actually. I loved the acting of Robert Downey Jr and Gwneyth Paltrow and also the comedy scenes were awesome 2 as well as the special effects. all in all one gr8 movie.

but the fun part was not the movie the things i did before during and after the movie .I took my trusty camera with me and I took pictures everywhere of myself haha. god I am sure you people must be thinking I am crazy. I just hid the cam inside my pocket and even took inside the film hall and took pictures everywhere some people were staring at me cos they noticed the flasher going while the lights are off. The security never came and asked me what was happening and in the end I got off scot free with the pics. of course i didnt take pics during the movie but after that it was all pics pics pics hehe. People who are in my FB might have seen the pics already but for those who not I pose some of them for you here so u can see them and enjoy 2 =)

After the movie I came home with my Dad who agreed to take me 2 the movie as well and I watched the English Premier League Finale with my Bro I was thrilled to c Man Utd win the trophy again and it did sum up my day which in the end turned out from a boring Sunday to a Fantastic one =)

One thing I understood with this whole experience is you got to have some time for yourself. I always wanted some time alone and do crazy things which I wouldn't have been able to do if I was with other people. I t just geared me up for the week ahead and loved every moment of it =)

just try it if you get a chance 2 and I assure you its an awesome experience =)

until next time


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  ~ lo$t $oul ~

12:47 AM

it always feels to good celebrate after a long over due one!! hehehe


3:32 AM

LS: Yea man you r dead right about that hehe

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