The One and Only

This picture reveals why I am different than the rest.. This caused many confusions to many of my friends although none of the people who attended the wedding didn't actually see it hehe but one thing is certain.. this is the style of Disease and as the heading states the One and Only :-D


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  Lady divine

9:29 PM

well, we all have some kind of difference no..;)

Who's wedding was this? a friend's sister?;)


8:48 AM

LD: Hey yep Lady D u r right its really kool to be different and I am loving it :)
and you are dead correct abt the wedding were you were there 2?? :)

  Lady divine

9:30 PM

hehe.. nah I wasn't there..
I might know the online personality of the friend who's sister was the bride that day.. I heard about the wedding..and saw the friend in the pic..that's how I know..:)

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