To the One Who Supposed to be Mine !

I always wanted to tell u my love
that though u don't seem to think of me
I always think of you

When you will come to me?
When will u show me your pretty face
come to me when i need you the most

come and be with me soon...

u know my love I got a heart 2
its tearing up in pieces
cos it needs some love 2

Don't hide my love
Don't do this to me
I cant bear this pain

just think of me for a second
I need your Love !

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9:41 AM

going thru the times huh ?? don't warry !!

  Lady divine

8:14 PM

hmmmm.. may you get the love you truly deserve!! :)


11:58 PM

dogfight : Yea Man going thru the times indeed guess patience is the only thing I have na Thankz :)

LD : Thank You for the Wishes Lady D :-D

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