Best Bday Gift I ever Got

Today one of my good friends told me to write a paragraph on the Best Birthday Gift I got so far in life. He has told all his mates to write about it cos he needed them to be published on one of the magazines he is editing. i thought of a minute or 2 and came up with this and thought of sharing it with you guys 2 :) Here it is

Best Birthday Gift I ever Got

Personally I am a person who loves Bdays and nothing gets me more excited than my one which falls on the rise of the month of October which I think is the Best month of the Year. When it comes to Gifts the best one I can think of is the 4 wheels I got for my 2nd Bday it was one hell of a car with everything u need and I loved riding it all the time. I also love the Police car I got 2 years after that and believe me I still have it and it works fine hehe. Well cars might be something that came to me during childhood and I am determined to take a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari someday and take my parents and family in it for a ride since without them I wont be here at All and that my friend is my best ever Bday Gift !

In the end It turned out fine I think and yea Sweet Memories !! :-D


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