Thoughts of Last Week

During last week everyday I started before I started work I wrote a thought explaining the feelings inside and also the some of the incidents that happended to me unexpectedly during the week (ex: third verse) Its divided to each day and it turned out to be good I think :) Enjoy !! and have a great week Everyone



I will still love you
Although you dont love me yet
I will still love you
Although you say we are just friends


I wish I was not
This desperate
Everytime I see you
I know
I want you here
with me

I saw you standing there
Yesterday, after so many days
still you r pretty still u r cute
I m at work I think abt you


Its almost end of the week
and u never called
I m Waiting and Waitng
Still no call

Its the end of the week
and I m gonna have fun
At least I got my friends
With whom i rock in the Sun

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8:30 PM

awesome one :D


8:03 PM

finyx : Thank You :D

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