Friday da 13th AWESOME !! :-D

Well I used to think that Friday the 13th was all about bad things but last Friday it became on of the memorable moment for me when I attended my schools annual batch party
It was one awesome day where I met all my friends from school, some of them I haven't met for ages. we talked we laughed we sang and yea we got drunk ( I had my first taste of whiskey and I must say it was not that bad :P ) I had fun of a lifetime and it summed up the whole thing where I came home at 3.00 am hehe

All in all it was a gr8 Night and I must say School Days are the best and no matter whom u meet in life the School Friends are the ones u will cherish the most in life after all we spent 14 years together didn't we ? so those memories will be everlasting and are the ones that are Simply the Best !!

Until Next Time !!


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