My Obnoxious Team Lead

Today my Team Leader says to me "I don't care if you die.. get the work completed and do it correctly"

Just tell me how you would feel when something like this happen to you? I was in a way shocked by this statement and a bit pissed too. do these people think that making people work as slaves would make them finish the work and get good results?? I know its been around 3 months but I am already hating the idea of working and specially with these kinds of bosses it really sucks..

There was a time I would have reacted badly to this situation. but nowadays i have become aware of my abilities and strengths. I m gonna do the work according to that and if they don't like it hell yea I am gonna QUIT !

Once one of my friends said to me he doesn't like to work under someone cos he doesn't like anyone giving him orders ! nowadays I m beginning to think its soo true.. anyways lets wait and c.. My team lead doesn't know with whom he is dealing with... I ll show him what I got No One can bring me down and that's a FACT !!


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