Tribute to Mr. SRS

Most people I know write tributes to people when they are migrating , retiring or when they pass but I am a person who do things differently so thought of paying homage to a living legend who influenced me very much ( too much sometimes haha !!kidding !! ) during my glorious ( a sarcastic word i must say ) days of Uni.. its about the one and only Mr Sayed Rehan.. Mr. SRS ! :-D

Well from the first day I came to Uni I heard all the weird stories and fairy tales about the Dude (as he used to call me and the other guys all the time ). People were saying "beware of Mr. SRS " "Don't mess with the short white guy with a tie". "Try to not to talk with Mr. SRS he might make you get wet in your Pants " and so on and so on
I was pretty much excited to see what this all these stories about and wanted to see if these tales were true.. Luckily I had experience from my school days since I was able to tame a lion heart teacher who was an Alien to others ( his initials goes as A.E.N so people always called him Alien :) ) but a great teacher , mentor and a friend to me :).

The first year went smoothly and tho I saw Mr. SRS around I never got a chance to talk to him and I always saw people get away from him whenever he comes near them..( the ladies were somewhat ok cos they seem to me had a good relationship with him all the time but the guys well they just tried to ignore he is there or go somewhere else :) ) this grew my temptation even higher.. I just wanted a piece of him ( again in a good way :) ) and see whats this fuzz about. :)

Well at last I got an opportunity and this was in the 2nd year of my degree. I saw my timetable and I saw Mr. SRS has my lecturer for my CAS (Accounting) Module. I saw my class mates trembling like rabbits .. "Oh god its Rehan.. Oh No Oh No.." haha you should have been there to believe it. I was in a way in the same thoughts but given my experience with these kinda of situations ( as mentioned earlier ) and being someone who fractured a teachers leg at school ( accidentally of course) I was not afraid so I waited and waited and finally the big day came..

As I told before Mr. SRS arrived right on time with his normal smart way with the markers on one hand and his mobile in the other.. tie worn well and tigted just as he was getting ready to lecture.. so far everything was good.. pin drop silence in the classroom everyone looking like statues who got struck by a fierce ray of lightning looking straight at Mr. SRS I was in a corner and just gave a small sigh to myself "Here We Go !". He marked the register and everyone was answering only his questions nothing else. After marking the register he gave a intro about him and suddenly I noticed a change.. the soo called lion or beast was becoming a cat or a better thing a mouse :) as the lecture went on I realized he was not a monster that people were talking about during the past he was a normal human being with a good sense of humor and great lecturing skills.. I was beginning to enjoy the lecture more and more and the that 1 and half hours was one of the best parts of my life cos I realized why people are wrong when it comes to judging others even before they haven't interacted with them. The lecture was awesome and it ended well and as the lectures proceeded every week the fear began to go down on most of faint hearts which was good to see.Still there were fits of temper which occurred from time to time (specially when the homework was not done ) I always did mine knowing this situation but one day I didn't and so was the rest of the class and we got a punishment that we wont ever forget ! His persuasion was the hallmark of this module and did make everyone work pulling their socks up. It worked well and all most everyone in the class got A's for the module which included me :D

After this module Mr. SRS was not a mystery anymore and no one in my class was a scary cat for him only if they did something wrong.. I was privileged to have him in my 2nd year as well as my 3rd year and during my 3rd year he became one of the biggest influences for me specially when it came to my FYP I was not lucky to have him has my supervisor or assessor but yet he gave me some valuable tips and advice on how to approach my project and did wonders to me :) Also who can forget the day when he asked me to stand up asked me a question and told me to sit down and wished me Happy Birthday ! ( I still cannot figure out how he knew it was my birthday hehe) anyways it was all good and I appreciated that gesture very much cos only a few would do that specially to their students.

As the picture below shows memories are the only thing that we take away when we leave someplace or say goodbye to someone Ironically I had my last lecture with the same old dude Mr. SRS :) it was quite a coincidence and still he managed to crack a joke and scold a guy before he ended the lecture (Typical MR. SRS hehe ) still it was love that was left no hatred and this pic was a token of his great teaching abilities his wits and his influence on all most every student.

I can write more and more about this dude from the shades of Seychelles ( correct me on this if I am wrong cos I am not sure about his place of origin lol! ) but I am gonna conclude here. there will be many stories told about him by the past and present students of my Uni but Mr. Sayed Rehan Sir "I just don't care about those things, you just did a wonderful Job with us and helped us come to the right track on studies,recreation of course chicks ;-) ) so to end this tribute I thought of ending it in 2 words which most of our current generation has lost in their vocublary.


Until next time


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  lotto tickets

11:30 PM

Concentrate to the things that could give information to the people.


1:22 AM

WOW CHami.. LOVED THIS POST. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U!!!! SR is a great man. He scolds you to become a better person, and for that I will always be grateful. I wasn't grateful at the time, but now a year later I can truly call him a friend and mentor. Thanks for making a tribute to him!


2:42 AM

lotto tickets :- Thank You 4 the Advice but most people knows him hehe I told only a little piece of that :)

Pavithri :- Yep Pavzz he was a mentor for me 2 sure miss his invaluable advice nowadays anyways Your Welcome and Thanks :)

  vind grl

6:36 AM

Woah..!! great work and true said brother..
he's one great lecturer...!!


8:23 AM

Vind Grl :- Thank you Sis and your right he is one great lecturer !! :)


10:05 PM

Weldone Mr.CJ. I agree it's a very touching and a great post. Mr. SR is a great person and truly appreciate of his great work. I was very fortunate to have him as a mentor. Thanks for taking the initiative to tribute him. Cheers!! ;-)


2:51 AM

Lasith : Thanks Man :) yea like you I was very lucky 2 to have him as a mentor guess we were fortunate to have him right throughout Uni :)
Cheers !

  Lady divine

1:03 AM

lovely tribute..:)


8:16 AM

Lady D : Thank you Lady D :)

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