Life Sucks...

Whats the meaning of this life ?
I cannot understand
We think its a bed of roses
Its nothing like that but pain

People you care the most
leave you and go
People you hate the most
never let you go

We try to put up that brave smile
Say everyone we are happy
But its just a fake smile
To hide the tears in your eyes

I just cant take this anymore
I am getting sick of life
life just sucks it sucks big time
Only darkness there s no light

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8:10 PM

I must say I am feeling much better now after writing this.. sometimes its good to write about pain and without knowing it eases a way from your heart. Life definitely sucks but me gonna ride it and gonna make it a
Success :)


  Lady divine

4:43 AM


I know the feeling..... gotta pull through it.... hope u get much better soon!!! :)

Peace! :D


7:04 AM

LD:- Thank you Lady D you r an inspiration to me hope u have a wonderful weekend 2 :)

~Peace~ hehe


11:54 PM

You knw.. Life DOES suck sumtimes.. True. But we only count the bad moments in life. Everyones does that. I mean, even me. What I realised is.. no matter how bad and hard life gets, we have to live thru with it.. hoping for a good thing to come our way, sumday. When I tell this to sum, they ask me in return; "till when??". That I dnt know.. What I know is.. you have to keep holding on till that day comes. No promises... But that day will definitely come. Life is not so good..... and it's not so bad either...


8:50 PM

kemali :Thank you for encouragement and advice sis :) as you said patience is only what we have and only we can make our lives happier lets wait and see what happens na :)


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