A Tribute to a Modern Day Princess

The following poem is a tribute to one of my greatest friends whom I was glad to have met during my lifetime and is still honored to be friends with. :) I could have written a essay or thousands of words about her and her friendship which means soo much to me but I thought of paying tribute to her the best way I can through a poem.. :) The following tribute is for LP an Angelic friend you should definitely have :)

She is a flower that never forgets to bloom
even when the raindrops falls
or the sun shines brightly
She never forgets to Smile
And takes away the gloom

She might be lost in her own world sometimes
Doing the things she love
crazy , wacko, awesome , great
I don't have words to describe herself

But most of all
the best thing I admire
Her friendship
That is true and pure

A princess...
who for me is never lost..
She is a friend u have to have
You will be lost !

thank you for being my friend
I am glad I met you
In this lifetime

I may not be able to repay you
for the friendship u give me
for being there
when I have lost myself in me

Please accept
this tribute I wrote for you
I know u might think
Chami is crazy :)
but its just the way I am

Cheers for the friendship
Cheers for the chats
You r a real Princess
So pure like your Name



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7:07 PM


I'm in tears.... I'm soooooooo touched!!!! Awwwww... Hugs Chami...
Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!!
You have always been a great friend to me, no matter what!
You know I'm here for you nah? That's what friends do. Remember what we talked about? Chin up mate :D



11:03 PM

Pavithri :- My Pleasure Pavzzz and its the least I can do :) and again Thank You for being such an Awesome friend I don't have anything more to say cos I cannot stop if i start :)

Thanks Again for Everything !! :)

Cheers Pavzzz

XoXo ! ;)


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