RIP - Rational Rick

After more than half an year of existence the Rational Rick is finally laid to rest. The bloody alter ego has been vanquished.. and two minds have become one.. First I used it for fun.. but later it became serious after everything I had to go through during the past few months.. Some things are getting better .. ( The robbers who mugged my dad has been finally caught by the Police.. and the dude who messed with my sis is finally gone after my mom had a talk with him) Some things are not.. ( Bro is doing his studies but I still miss him and I rarely get to talk with him tho everyone else does talk with him regularly.. Grandma is ok for one day and not ok another day)
But.. I talked to myself .. decided to become a stronger person ... decided to take every crap and shit coming my way with patience... and silence.. and live life correctly without any hatred or anger Being Chamindra only not also being Rational Rick !

I know most of you began to hate me... some even bought threats ( calls and emails) some of which were deadly and harsh.. but I am happy that at least some of you understood my situation and was there for me sharing my worst days as there own.. I Thank You u for that and I am gonna pay tribute to the ones I have already missed in the days I 2 come :) for the rest I don't despise you .. hate you.. or wanna fight with you some of you went even far by trying to hurt with me with words like this mail I got today...

Dear Mr. Rick,

I don't think a hero like you should leave us this soon. We are going to miss you, you know. I have a little niece who always likes to read your emails. They make her happy and go to sleep.

Yes Rick, they make her happy cause they make her laugh so much cause your emails are so funny, and make her sleepy cause they are so so damn boring.

"Rick... Rick... Rick… now know one thing if you are the hero then it is certainly my pleasure to be the Villain... You know when you see those slimy little cockroaches… you know what I do to them I crush them, just like I'm going to crush some one like you, a PEST.

Now Rick I don't think you should leave all these innocent people here… with the big bad Dick… Yeah, I know… I know.. such a cheesy name, but I don't have time to waste coming up with a cool name as yours rASSional rick… Now tell me are you going to turn and walk away from the people who need you???

XOXOX <----- oh my goodness (shakes head!!! so original)

Well here's mine ..!. (just know that I'm right handed)

Love, with lots of farts and stinking flowers,


Also I got mixed comments as well.. like these ones..

"I'm glad ur putting it behind u"

"national prick!. good that its RIP"

I accept all of them 2 in a modest way and I wanna say THANK YOU for everyone who sent in those good and bad words.. and also at least reading my mails.. it just made me a stronger person and you are responsible for it to the fullest :)

anyways RATIONAL RICK did became a phenom... Some people liked him.. Some hated him.. Some didn't know who the hell he was :) It really became the story of the year and even my family members knew about him :) I think I should write a book of him someday hehe :)

Well Ill end this post by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone .. and remember RR is Resting in Peace now and is 6 Feet Under!!! you don't have to worry about him again..and I hope he will stay like that and wont come to haunt me or anyone else anytime again...

its back to CHAMINDRA / CHAMI / DISEASE a more mature person.. in mind and soul who will work harder than before to change his Destiny !!

Until Next Time


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11:08 PM

A good read though.........


11:30 PM

nifraz:- Thank You! Mate :) and I am a fan of your blog already awesome page :)


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