Back with a Bang !!!

Howd Howd Howd to a all my friends on blogger :D how are you all doing ? guess who is back hehe oh you don't have to guess but c I am Back the Disease is Back :D and as the heading states "I am back with a bang" :D

As most of you know and might not know the past weeks have been really bad for me starting from August when malli left to USA things have not gone the way I wanted to ..I was drifting away from society .. people too advantage of me .. used me for their mutual pleasure.. people kept making me angry and mad and depressed.

But things have changed... and I have moved on and got many things happening for me :D
Firstly the most important thing "I GOT MY DRIVING LICENSE" WOOHOO :D I finally got the hang of driving and in the end with much determination , luck and encouragement from my family and friends ( hey lady D this goes out for u as well :D ) I got over that hurdle.. I am managing to perfect the manual cars now should drive and get used to the auto ones cos we have an auto one at home ( I tried it once and seems it ain't difficult :) )

Next I started to do 2 things I always wanted to do "Start my own Comic Series" and "Start on my Own Show " ( something like a TV show like Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno ):) After watching the "Dark Night" I was inspired by the acting of Heather Ledger and the Joker and I wanted to do something like that and make something similar but different to that series I instantly became a fan of the jokers quote "Why So Serious ??" and after hearing that it became my life moto for the future and I am being not serious anymore and doing the things I love without being serious :D

anyways back to the comic series, I started it with a group of friends at Uni.. the story lines are going well but I need to find a good artist to draw the drawings so that the story would become a reality.. I have created a website for this en devour and currently its only accessible for the team members so if you wanna invite let me know ill send u an invite asap :D

Then I started on my own show :D its is called "Adventures of Crazy Chams" and as the name suggests its all about the crazy stuff I always wanted to do and sharing all these things with the rest of the world :D .. so far all the videos of Crazy Chams have become a hit and I have started my own channel in YouTube for which, more than 100 responses have come so far in just one week :D. I have also created a group in Facebook 2 (titled "Adventures of Crazy Chams")and the response there is pretty good 2 hehe. I love doing the videos cos its helping me to be myself and as always "Nothing is Serious" Its all being Crazy !!! :D

Finally I got to say I am becoming a better human being.. I have begun to appreciate life more .. forgive all the people who hurt me and make me cry even today.. I have found some special friends to whom I don't think I would be able to repay back in this lifetime for helping me out in all my troubles and distress... and also I have a mission.. to change my destiny.. ( according to my horoscope I have had bad luck ("Apala" in Sinhalese )since I was 7 and it will only end next year it seems) and succeed in life with utmost desire and determination... I have succeeded so far and it will happen in the future as well.. and all this will happen while being me.. the Crazy Chams and Disease :D ( oh Rational Rick is not coming back again k :P)

Its been an October with full of incidents and happenings this is why I love it and with my Birthday being there 2 it has become a special one :D I also bought a gift for my dad for his bday which falls today and It also made me happy I love my family and friends and for the moment I cherish those moments and those make me happy everyday :D

Soooo I am back and I will keep in touch so dont punish me for vanishing without notice :D though I don't post I am always there and I am watching you all the way so dont worry I am there whenever u need me :D

I ll leave you with a video of Adventures of Crazy Chams .. with a reminder that you can check out all the episodes on You Tube and Facebook..:D

Cheers !! everyone and Remember "DONT BE SERIOUS !!" :P


The Video is called Crazy Chams in "She "" Hates Me !! " :P

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  Lady divine

10:02 PM

hey Disease!!

Good to know your apala is over... I apparently have till next feb or dec! so I'm wondering what more will go wrong...

Im glad to know ur good..:) and wish you happy and safe driving too..:D


7:18 PM

Hey Lady D !
hehe well no apala can get me down Lady D you know me na I always rise from the ashes and it has worked for me so far.. dont worry you r troubles will be over soon just be patient everything will be ok k ? :)

and thank you for the wishes on driving hopefully I can be a good driver just like you :D


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