I am a Graduate =D

At last or being more realistic finally I graduated from uni and finally got the degree I have been following for the past 3 years. The convocation was held last Monday and it was a great day for me since I graduated with my best friends in Uni most of them who are like brothers and sisters to me .. I was really proud to see my parents and sister sitting and watching me going to take the award.. I was honored to wear the graduation cloak for the first time with the hat and felt really proud when i walked on to the stage to take the award when my name was read.. Surprises were also there were old buddies from Uni and school congratulated me on my achievement and also my name getting displayed in the Sunday Observer.. One thing made me sad tho cos Atthamma and Malli was not there to c me graduate .. wish there were near me too on that day then it would have been 100 percent complete.. sigh !

All in all it was a great day and I am now forever ready for the next journey of my life.. Got a mission to accomplish.. Got Goals to achieve but before that I will surely party like an animal on the 21st with all my friends and collegues at the Graduation Ball ! =D

Congrats to the class of 2008.. and congrats to me as well =D

Until Next Time..


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  Lady divine

11:32 PM


I just love that feeling.. graduationg after 4 yrs of hard work (in my case)....
cherish it Disease!!!:)

*mega hug*


7:46 AM

LD: Thank you So Much !! Lady D :D I know what u mean and the feeling is sooo great u know.. its a day I wont forget in my life and I am honored to say again that I am a graduate now =D

Cheers !!


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