I Love you for NOT what U R but for what U R NOT !!

You...yes You
How can I describe You..

You were there when I was born
You were there when I became a man
You were there all the way through

But that's not why
I love you

You ... Yes You
was with me all through in every part of my life
through thick and thin
through all those hard times

You were there everytime

But that's not why
I love you

You gave me the love affection and care
taught me lessons no one can teach me again

But that not the reason
I love you

So why do I love you ??
I love you for what you are not

You never told me that u Love Me
You never asked me for anything in Return

You never said "son you are a Bad Boy"
You never stopped anything I wanna do in life..

You haven't left me yet
You haven't stopped coming in to my dreams

You never stop bringing those memories back
and you never let me sleep

You are not here with me
and you make me cry everyday..

That is very very Bad...

That is WHY I LOVE YOU !!!



(Dedicated to my Darling Atthamma remembering her one month passing away... I still miss u Atthamma and u will always remain in my heart... RIP !! )


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3:37 AM

Nice one. im really close to my grandma too. pretty much the same as you i bet. deeply sorry for your loss, please accept my heartfelt sympathies. but chin up! she's with you in spirit. peace


8:04 AM

The Whackster : Thank you for the comment mate yeah she was one of the most beautiful and great ladies i had the privilege of living my childhood as well as now
I still can't believe she is gone and as u correctly said she is still with me tho she is not around physically

I will never forget her !!


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