The Six List - "Most Weirdest Songs of the 90's"

Inspired by the site which lists various Top Ten Lists regarding various issues and scenarios. I decided to start my own thing called The Six List. (Don't get me wrong its the Six List.. not the Sex List :P).
From now on there will posts from me of various six lists(based on my opinion only of course )regarding various things that I have seen, heard and know about. The first six list I have are songs which I think are "The Most Weirdest Songs" to be sung and played all across radio channels and TV during the 90's. Check out the list and tell me what you think :)

Number 6
Bee Gees - "Staying Alive"

TO start of we come to the Bee Gees. Personally, I kinda like the Bee Gees with hits like "Massachusetts and "How Deep is you Love " being my favorites. This song also made me go wild too when I was a kid but later I realized how weird this song really is. I think Bee Gees are relations of Cher and this song just personifies this fact.. Holding your breath and controlling it while singing is not easy and that's a talent.. "BUT SHOUTING LIKE LADIES IN A BAR WHO WANTS TO TELL THE WORLD WE WANT TO BE ALIVE IS NOT A TALENT ITS A DISASTER !!!" and the video it sucks to the max as well. so Bee Gees comes at No 10 for me.

Number 5
Mark Morrison - "Return of the Mack"

Now it is time for the Boy to take revenge from the gal.. Deep Inside I had a love to this song but after listening to the song as a grown up I became sick of it ... Seriously Mr.Mark Morrison can u answer my one question to u.. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY THE TITLE OF THE SONG... RETURN OF THE MACK... COMMON DUDE.. COULDN'T YOU FIND A BETTER NAME ???" also the video kinda sucks as well with two guys dancing like puppets behind Mark and also I true to my heart I think 3 guys and a gal is way too much.. (you should even the number mates otherwise it ain't fair..)so tho the music sounds good this song comes at no 5.

Number 4
Cher - "I Believe"

This song just makes me go crazy everytime I hear it. No offense to the lady but personally I think Cher has the best womanish male voice in the music industry. I sometimes wonder who really wanted to give her a record deal COMMON DUDES THE WOMAN SINGS LIKE A MAN !!! and when it comes to the song it kinda talks about a woman taking revenge from a guy who betrays her but common you should make a better video. Dumping a guy just becos he danced with another gal in a party doesn't make sense.. and as Cher asks a question which she wants us to give a negative answer.. "Do you Believe in Life after Love ??" and all I gotta say is "YES CHER WE DO ! NOW STOP REPEATING THE QUESTION DAMMIT !"

Number 3
CHUMBAWAMBA - "Amnesia "

Ok now these guys rocked with the song "tubthumping" which is still one of my all time favorite songs I liked them so much until they came up with this song . errr what its name again??? oh yeah I remember now "Amnesia.." THIS SONG REALLY MADE ME PISS IN MY ROOM COS IT REALLY GOT ME MAD TO THE MAX !! the lyrics of the song sucks and the video it SUCKS EVEN MORE !!! the song got the same lyrics most of the time from the beginning to the end with the backup singers asking "DO YOU SUFFER FROM LONG-TERM MEMORY LOSS ??" and the lead singing chick ( is it a gal?? I am not really sure ) says "I DON'T REMEMBER ".. COMMON GUYS YOU CAN WRITE SONGS BETTER THAN THIS RIGHT ?? and the title of the song is not in the song and is only said by a weird dude with a weird voice.. So this comes at No 3 and Thank God they are not singing anymore ...

Number 2
Mr.President - "Coco Jumbo "

So Number 2 goes to this weird song. Its a good song music wise and rapping wise but WTF WITH THE TITLE ??? AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN??? nobody knows... ( I don't think the writer knows it too..) As I said in the beginning the tune is nice but it begins to become a nuisance cos that's all the music in this song.. the video is shitty and the chick of the group.. YUCK YUCK YUCK !! so Mr. President you are No 2.

Number 1
Jimmy Ray - "Are You Jimmy Ray "

"I am sorry Mr. Jimmy Ray .. you are No 1 Mate.. THE MOST WEIRDEST SONG OF THE 90'S IS YOURS !!! " First of Mr. Jimmy just answer my simple question , why the hell are you asking us "ARE YOU JIMMY RAY.. WHEN YOU ARE JIMMY RAY???? ARE YOU THAT NUTS !!!" well if you can't answer that its ok. cos I don't think no one can but again I got another question "WHY ARE YOU PRETENDING TO BE LIKW ELVIS AND SOUNDS SOOO DRUNK ??" and again "WHO CHOSE THE BACKUP SINGERS ??? ARE THEY TWINS TO SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME ??" sorry Mr. Jimmy for asking a lot of questions and I am pretty damn sure that you will say "WHO WANTS TO KNOW ?? WHO WANTS TO KNOW ??"
So this is why Mr. Jimmy you are No 1. in this list.. Kudos Mate and thank you for being sooooooooo "WEIRD !!!" or shall I say "WIRED !!"

Until Next Time...

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  Lady divine

2:58 AM

I used to like Jimmy Ray's single..:) twas funny and cool to sing along..:)


2:56 AM

LD: hehe yeah I used to laughed along to that track but its still weird na why the hell is he wants to say to people that he is Jimmy Ray when he is Jimmy Ray ? :S pissu porak hehe :)

  The Celestial Dream

4:58 AM


You know, wierd as these songs may be, they have always fascinated me. Especially when you don't need a reason to listen to a song, and they just pop in your head and they sounds so damn fun(ny) you can't help but sing along.

Apart from the crazies, the BeeGees and Cher are actually respected artistes. I don't know. Anyways. thanks for the late afternoon pick-me-up.




9:25 AM

TCD: Hey No worries BS :) you know I am always there for my friends kiyala ne and about the songs I respect Cher and Bee Gees but I these 2 songs are damn WEIRD !!! hehe :D

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