Lady Divine...

The following tribute is to one of my favorite blogger friends who has always been their to provide me the inspiration , strength , advice and positivity when I needed it through her awesome and effective blogging. This just a small piece of gratitude for everything. hope you like it.(Hope you too Lady D :D )

Without a sign.. She came into my life
She brightened my day with her thoughts and smiles
She is a friend She is a Sister
She is the one and only
Lady Divine...

She motivates me
Give me Advice and support
Like the Big Sister I never had
She always bring a smile to my face
When pain and sorrow rattles my head

She is not a God.. She is not Inhuman
She is just like anyone else
Who wants to Win
When losses darken her life

But this has never stopped her from trying
Never stopped her from keep on smiling
This why I admire you
Lady Divine...

I might not see you this lifetime
I might not meet you to say "Thank You"
At least Once..

But still I know you will be there all the way
So I ll say "Thank You Very Much.. "
Through the way we love to say :)

She's a Lady.. She is a Queen
Thank You Lady D you are the best
and may you forever be

Lady Divine... :)

Until Next Time..


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  The Celestial Dream

4:23 AM

OMG C, I'm sure Lady D would love this.




6:02 AM

awww so sweet

  Lady divine

7:29 AM

You have me stunned! and this really brought tears to my eyes.....

My GOD! I never thought anyone would ever write about me.... and I never knew I helped you this much....

I'm glad to know that you think so... and you have no idea how much this means to me....

I will link this to my blog.. and you just created a memory that will never be forgotten..

Wishing you the best as always... and thanking you so much for brightening me up with your lovely writing...

*big huge bear hug*


8:49 AM

LD deserved it.
Very well written. =)


10:06 AM

Well done LD; I’m sure you deserve it all.

I particularly like the bit about “She... wants to Win
When losses darken her life”


6:10 PM

agreed with serendib,
and duuuude - :D that's so sweet meN! LD you are loved! :)


8:08 PM

awww sweet!
and yes LD deserves it!


10:53 PM

Thank You Everyone for reading the tribute to Lady D and I m Glad that everyone of you loved it :D
It was an HONOR for me to pay homage to a soul that has touched our lives with her words of wisdom and encouragement and Lady D I am really glad you liked the tribute :) Its been a pleasure knowing you and I am so glad that you have been a part of my life :D



5:15 AM

What wonderful thoughts... LD deserves it though... :) You guys are blessed to have each other as friends...


5:20 PM

LD is pretty sweet... I love her blog too, one of the first I always check. This is really great :-)

  Lady divine

8:25 PM

Thank you so much guys... this truly means way more than you can ever imagine, to me...:)


9:15 AM

I might not see you this lifetime
I might not meet you to say "Thank You"
At least Once..

ahhhhh Dont worry Bro...

Lets meet up one day at Barrista. Infact LD wanted to have a coffee with me, then i totally forgot abt it with my Uni Final Year.

If u want to send her a Bunch of Red Roses..I can guide u to her New Office in Bala....... :D

Vaji deserves it :)


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