The Six List - The Most " OVERRATED" Girls Schools in Sri Lanka...

Welcome to another Six List Post By Me.. :) This time I am gonna give you the most "OVERRATED" Girls schools currently in Sri Lanka. I might be wrong on this but I guess somebody will agree with me. :) Enjoy the Post and Girls I am really really Sorry about this public undressing :P

Number 6- Mahamaya College Kandy.

To start the list No 6 goes to a school in the hill capital. MC is is widely considered to be the school of Sports when it comes to the Gals. They got swimmers, table tennis players etc etc etc.. and what else hmmmm nothing i guess THATS ABOUT IT
These girls got the bodies of an athlete so Guys be careful in whatever you do with them. These gals can swim like dolphines so its good to have a Girlfriend from this school so that whenever you get drowned your MC gal would jump into the water and save your life :D

Number 5 - SBC (St. Bridget's Convent Colombo)
So at no 5 is SBC. I kinda like this school my first 2nd love interest was from this one and also Since one of our Presidents studied here as well I guess we should respect it. But one thing about girls in this school is they are too studious. Always stuck on the books and nothing else BUT after school you get the real SBC gal
don't believe me?? when I searched for the school in Google the result was two SBC gals smiling on a profile pic in hi5. One thing is these gals can smile and got a perfect one in that but other than that THEY GOT NOTHING ! NOTHING ELSE.. except for the fame of the former President...

So SBC is no 5 in my list.

Number 4 - HFC Bamba (Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya)

Ok before I say anything.. When I searched for this very well known school named "HFC Bamba.." what I got was a model ALMOST bearing her assets.

THIS IS HFC BAMBA ???? ok we know it now. So if any gals from this school reading this post can you tell us what you are being taught there? is it a normal school or a modeling school?? :D. What ever said and done the truth cannot be hidden.. Everybody knows that HFC Bamba is the place for pretty girls so I guess the truth is revealed and the pic above personifies that :D
One thing though the schools has that good thing only otherwise its way too OVERRATED and they come at no 5 in my list.

Number 3 - BC (Bishops College Colombo)
Number 3 is the sister school of STC Mount Lavinia. ( Did most of you know that? if you didn't now you know). This school got only 2 things to be remembered. One is the thing I mentioned above and 2 is its Auditorium.

It got nothing else really except for a bunch of girls who are desperate for Boyfriends and Shamed to be Single !. and overall I don't know why guys go out with girls from this school as many of them doesn't have any good looks except for flat figures and corny smiles. Due to these reasons BC comes at No 3 on my list.

PS: These girls think they can act like Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep but the TRUTH is they are still TRYING !! :)

Number 2 - VV (Visaka Vidyalaya Colombo)
The school of the test tube fiasco (OOPS !!! I AM SOOO SORRY GALS OF VV :P )comes at Number 2. So why this school is OVERRATED??? I really don't know maybe the fiasco above got to do something about this and being the sister school of a certain college also got to do something in this. These girls got the brains . better than all the schools mentioned here BUT ITS ONLY FOR STUDIES NOTHING ELSE. Don't believe me? go to google and search for VV. You will know what I mean :)

Also no one knows what happens in the close doors of this school. There Main Gate is sooo freaking huge that not even the fire brigade can get in easily. I guess this is why its called the VV and the whole infamous fiasco was bought out So because of these reasons VV comes 2nd on my list.

So what 1st???? Yeah you guessed it right..

Number 1 - LC (Ladies College Colombo.)

First of all I wanna know which freaking niggar called this school Ladies ??? and who the hell designed their School Dress ??? IS THIS THE STYLE OF REAL LADIES ??
lets say the school dress ok BUT DO THEY KNOW HOW TO WEAR CLOTHES AT ALL??

They don't have the looks( MOST OF THEM DON'T I assure you) they ain't got the Brains. ( Again MOST OF THEM !! ) and one thing they can do well is change boyfriends at please and ROW ROW ROW !!!
I guess the nursery rhNOTHING ELSE yme "row row row your boat" was made for these gals. BUT nothing else is there for these girls. THIS IS THE MOST OVERRATED GIRLS SCHOOL IN SRI LANKA but its ok Ladies WE LOVE YOU !!! *Sarcastic Smile !*

Until Next Time

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5:35 PM

xD xD xD

I most sincerely pray that some insane girl wont stab you in the back with an eyeliner pencil or something so you can keep writing and writing and writing. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos :) he hee

  The Celestial Dream

6:09 PM




I'll get back to you when I can make sense of what my brain is saying.

Ps: DUde the picture are a bit much!


7:57 PM

wow dude, you are so far out of line. you actually googled pictures of people and slandered them on your blog? someone should kick your ass.


8:56 PM

Have to second T on that...posting pics of people like that is waaay out of line...


9:41 PM

Holy!!!:O DUDE... heehehe consider ur self lucky!;) hehehe for not putting MY SCHOOL in d list! *phew* hehehe... I will personally hunt u down if u did!:P bt den again i can just tell ur sister to do dat in dat case;)heheheh

  pissu perera

10:43 PM

this sounds more like a sour-grape whine, really. and i wonder what you have to say about posting all those pictures without permission.


1:08 AM

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:12 AM

firstly, i put ur lil theory to the test and googled those schools.. and not one of those pics pop up in the first 5 pages, except for the ladies college pic, so that alone tells me ur pretty much full o shit..

honestly, ur opinion abt the schools is completely upto u, but posting those pics is way outta line and wrong on every level.. not only that, but the very premise that if you google a girls school and get a picture of a pretty girl then obviously their school is a sham??

grow up...


2:26 AM

my schools on there.
you are SO DEAD, mister.


9:24 AM

No guesses for who got dumped when he was a small kid. Or wait a min, did you ever get lucky to start with?... hmm well the post kinda says it all.. so I won't waste my time on you!


9:26 AM

you sad sad SAD little man ...
*tsk tsk*

  The Unsilent

7:31 PM

duuude u fucked up! wat were u thinking?


12:03 AM

This comment has been removed by the author.

12:05 AM

Thirteen year olds shouldn't be allowed to have blogs.


Shit, didn't realize it was YOU who made this post.


8:42 AM

machaaan??? u ok??? :S dangerous waters ur treading bro.. pretty dangerous


2:29 AM

First and Foremost I should tell you guys that this was not done to bring the schools in to disrupt its just criticism of SOME gals from these schools which bring ultimately bring their schools to shame

Truth is always hard to swallow and I guess its the common nature of most human beings to just complain without reasoning and trying to understand what exactly written there.

I stress again that I don't have any grudges with the schools or the gals from these schools its just a viewpoint of one individual
and its done with the mission to make people believe that these things happen and to prevent these kinda things happen in the future

Hope you guys understand and thank you for the response :)



4:46 AM

well, bro... I hope ur still alive, after this post. Anyway.. I agree with u in most fatcs.. Btw.. I'm glad that my school is NOT overrated. and for the fact that it's famous for good girls.. hehe.. :D


6:19 PM

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