The Six List - People who you "Love to HATE" at Work !

Welcome to another Six list By Me.. :) Today I am gonna list out the Six List considering the People you "Love to Hate " at Work. Check it Out and Let me know what you think :)

Number 6- The Security Guard

Ok first up is the Security Guard.. These people are always nice cos they always open the door for you when you come to work and always there for you when u need the keys to all the hideouts at your workplace. BUT..
What happens when they always call you and tell you to take your car out since the Boss has come and he/she doesn't have no parking space ? and when they say that they can't do it since they cannot take the risk ? you hate them right ?? so there are at Number 6.

Number 5 - The Toilet Cleaner

Before I say anything just check out the cartoon below :)

I hope that kinda of a thing is not happening at your workplace :D. Anyways back to the topic. Toilets are places that should be always clean right? and you don't know when nature calls right? but what if the person who is cleaning the toilet is always there inside ?? and if its someone from the opposite sex? what would you do ?? ( Nothing right ?? ) I am not complaining about these people but as users I think we should keep it clean and help them out..Otherwise we would see them everyday and everytime inside the toilets and begin to Hate them and with nothing to do just end up pissing in our Pants.. :D

Whatever said and done People hate the toilet cleaner when he/she is there all the time so they come at Number 5.

Number 4 - The Receptionist with the Short Skirt and High Heels/ The Handsome Dude with the Cute Eyes

Ok guys will kinda love this one. (Gals take the Guy for this one) And Of course who doesn't like it when their receptionist look like this. But there are problems too what problems ??? you might ask well here's the problemo..

Just imagine when you are having lunch at the lunch break and trying to finish it quickly cos the boss is complaining you about your work. Suddenly the Receptionist / the guy comes in to the room. Won't you just stop and take a second look ?? Won't you just drool over that person and forget the work and the boss and most importantly what you are eating ?? you will right ???

So there you go You should not LOVE these kinda peeps but you should HATE them (that's if you care about your job and work otherwise its ok do it No Harm Done :))

Number 3 - The Boss who does Nothing but Complain

At Number 3 is the Boss himself. Most Bosses at workplaces today does nothing much but they always have something to complain about. It could be about someone's work ,about an employee whom they don't like ( cos he /she is working better than them ) or it could be just plain complaining since the coffee he got in the morning has more sugar than what he actually wants :D.

Complaining Bosses are always a nuisance and when they don't support you and just keep on talking shit that never exists that nuisance becomes hatred. So complaining Bosses come at Number 3 in this list.

Number 2 - The Fresher

Ok I think all of you agree on this one. Everyone HATES the fresher.. the new guy. gal at work.. you hate them more if they are winning the hearts of the management and when that fresher gains the confidence of your boss and begins to surpass you
YOU HATE THEM MORE AND MORE!!! ( right? now dont you say no :) ) The problem is the innocent fresher doesn;t realize what its all about and why he/she is ragged so much
( if the job is his/her's first job). So the Fresher comes at No 2 in this List.

Number 1- The Bully

I guess you saw this coming too. The Clear Winner is the Bully at Work. The people who doesn't care about their colleagues and do their best to tease them, hurt their feelings, invading their privacy and etc etc etc.

The funny thing is they managed to do their work too and also makes the Boss happy which is another reason to hate them. These Bullies does what ever it takes to make their presence felt and make the others feel that "THEY ARE THE DUDES /DUDETS" ( specially when it comes to Freshers !! )

So bullies are the Number 1 kinda people we "Love to Hate" at Work.

Until Next Time


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10:37 AM

haha...oh abt it...well at least some of it fits in well...heh

  The Celestial Dream

2:06 AM

Oh chami.... You have no idea. Sigh! :S



2:01 AM

Realskullzero : heh thanks man yeah it does isn't most of them are common in most workplaces and I guess you can imagine hows the environment in the place I work in =)

The Celestial Dream : Yes Sis what to do ne I guess u have to survive and face whatever it comes Hugs 2 =)


4:38 AM

So true, bro... :D


1:47 AM

Kemali : =D

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