Young and Naive
Innocent and helpless
He didn't know much about the world those days

He was old
A expert in his game
Never showed a sign on what he was going to do

The expert was near the young
Got friendly with him as time moved on
The young didn't know what was coming

Everything was good
Until the expert made a move
like a snake that silently finds its victim

The kid was helpless
As tears flowed down from his cheeks
the devil was at work and the kid just wanted to scream

But, he couldn't
He just let him enjoy the feast
Dwell on his purity, ruin his life

After he was done, he was gone
The kid was helpless
Crying all along

The kid was ruined
Toned to Bits
He didn't know wat to do
What to think or what to say

He is grown up now
Knows about the ways of life
But he still remembers and scared of those dark days
When he got abused by a Monster from Hell


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  Lady divine

5:04 AM

this would have made him a much stronger person today. Someone who is able to do things in life with much encouragement.. that fear will drive him to do wonders... and this person should be a strong individual who is able to accomplish anything today..:)


2:18 AM

Yes Lady D he is a much stronger person now (though at times he becomes weak which I guess is natural to all human beings) he has achieved great things in life which was far beyond his life.
Although the Scar remains he has managed to put it behind him .. and be a better , strong and more focused Human Being :)


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