A Letter to MySelf..

Dearest Disease ,

How r you doing my friend ? Are you feeling all right? how are things with you ? I know the past few weeks have been hard for you with work not going well because of some retards and I also know you miss your bro and grandmother very much. But remember dude you talk with your bro everyday and remember he misses you too and its life you know you got to let him build his life na so relax and enjoy his success and make him happy and encourage him :). If you do that he will be happy too and will be concentrating on his studies more without being sad and depressed of not being home.

Atthamma's 3 month death anniversary is on the horizon na? so what are you planning ? I hope you help out your mom and dad to make it a success. This is what's left for you to do now for her man so do that for her. She knows you loved her more than anything and you know you love her the same way. This is how you can show how much you loved her and I am sure you will do a great job and make it a grand success. :)

Also Disease I see that you have grown in statue u r not getting constantly mad now good boy =D u have realized that getting mad doesn't solve problems so thats great think wise Disease and dont let the bad side of you harm you cos if u do it will not only harm you but also the people you care

I know you want a girlfriend badly but you gotta respect the ladies more man. If you don't respect they wont repect you and you will be single forever . So be Kool !! Be Crazy !! But dont cross the line ok ?

you are a good guy my friend Disease, you are destined for greatness and someday you will get there. Always go according to your beliefs. treat your friends right. be there for your family ( both which u already do now keep it up =) ) and remember you got to try something new and work on it ok ? then you will be the best guy in the whole wide world =D

ok ill stop for now my friend will ttys take care and remember
"You CAN DO ANYTHING !!! ( Even getting a girlfriend =D ) Just Be Who U R" ok?

Your Sincere Best Friend



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  The Celestial Dream

11:36 AM

HUGE HUGS Chami....

Whatever you do in life, we have your back ok?


  Lady divine

7:45 PM

nice! maybe I should write a letter to myself too! that's a great idea! :)


9:53 PM

Hey there are openings for contact center and key client realtions...all customer service oriented...interested? shit jobs tho...i mean...u may not learn much in that div..but if ur looking to earn some cash whilst you study, go for it.


9:05 AM

TCH : Thank You Sis I know that na I am soo lucky to have people like you in my life =) Hugs

Lady D: Thank You Lady D :) yeah that would be great Ill be sure to check it out :)

Dee: Hey Dee Thank you so much for the Info but I am currently working at a software firm na so I guess this job would not suite me cos as you said I wanna learn and work Thanks again for the Info tho
Appreciate it Very Much =D



4:17 AM

u simply rock buddy......
U reminded me of somebody...Let me guess.....Surprize.....It's me...I think u r male side of me buddy.Cheers.........

The girl with wings....


1:37 AM

Anon: Thank You Cheers !! =D

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