Career Crisis..

The problem was inside me and now it has become a bigger problem than I thought it was. In a gist here's the problem I am facing just like the heading days I am in a career crisis.

Lately I have begun to be unsatisfied with my Job. As I said in one of my early posts that the people are being nasty ( though now its thankfully going down than before) the work I do has also become unsatisfying and kinda boring. I feel my skills are not tested here to my full potential and also I feel I am kinda taken for granted cos they expect me to know everything ( this is my first job you know.)So at the moment I am in a mess and with the Job Market not going well I can't think of leaving this also so double mess. :S

From the days I was a kid I always had the question in my head in what I want to do and what I want to become in life. Every time I wanted to do something I did let my elders ( Parents and Teachers )influence me to do something else. I had no choice those days cos I always thought they knew better than me (I still think they do ) and with the world going through various problems and crisis I was scared to take my own decisions ( the place I went wrong ) and did what my elders told me to do.

During my childhood I used to write poems and stories in both Sinhala and English (I still do and still very good at it I think)I wanted to become someone like J. K Rowling. But things were not good for authors in our country those days so without making a career I decided to do it as a hobby and I always believed ( and still believe) that a gift should not be used to earn money.

Then when I started to do my AL's I wanted to do in Arts but with the influence of my school teachers I went on to do Commerce. Then for my first Degree I wanted to do Business but ended up doing Business and IT. ( You might think this dude is a dumbnut well to an extent I am.. I guess..)

I know there is no use in worrying about the past now and should look into the future. But the problem is I DONT KNOW what to do.. :S Friends are telling me to do CIM and I kinda don't want to do it and wanna pursue an MBA. The thing is I don't know if its the correct decision :s. I asked my lectures about it they said that CIM and MBA are 2 different areas so choose the one that is appropriate for you. I am kinda scared to do CIM and also I am not a fan of marketing as well so all the points in my sense points to MBA but what I heard was it needs experience and that's again a problem for me cos I have only 1 year of experience so far.

I kinda feel like Chandler from Friends sometimes ( remember the episode where he says he doesn't know what he must do ?? At least he found out he is good at Data Entry operations hehe I am not there yet sigh.. )

So I am in a Career Crisis. I also don't want to take the wrong decision now cos I have done it so far and suffered a lot. The past cannot be changed but the future can be right ? lets wait and see . I am checking my options these taking my time to decide what I want to do. Hopefully it would be a good one and hope it will work out well for me =).

Anyways enough about my crap lol. This is my 199th post and next one is the Big One which is a special one for the Blog Oscar Nominees as well =) Good News to you All The Winners have been decided =D . Believe me it was not easy task ( just like the nominations) But I have made it a wide open contest and I am sure you will like it.

AWAIT the Results on my 200th and I am sure it will be a happy moment for Everyone just like me being proud for blogging for more than four years now and making friends who will be eternally remain in my heart . =)

Check my Blog on Wednesday the Blog Oscar Winners will be Revealed =)

Until that Time


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10:45 AM

hm...CIM is good if u want to go in the marketing field (branding advertising ect). or as an extra qualification. but if its IT/ business degree you've done, u can do an mba after getting some experience ne? if ur bored till then, learn something a little related..which will interest u


6:50 PM

Dee: Yes Dee I also want to do an MBA rather than CIM as you suggested should learn something related to my field while I get the experience .
These days I am checking my options on that hopefully I will find a suitable one soon.

Thank You for the Advice =D


  Lady divine

8:21 PM

Trust me, deciding on your career is bloody tough! When I was a kid, I knew what I wanted to be... A corporate lawyer..:) I was very good with my arguing skills and I just loved the whole idea of it...
After A/Ls i worked hard to find a uni which offered what I wanted to do and I was the ONLY one from my batch who got selected to do Accounting and Law at Kingston Uni UK. After everything, my mum decides that she won't let me go. and my career dream just came crashing down...

I'm someone who can adjust to any line to study. So I took the management side with marketing as it was my only other option.

What to do.. I dont have true career satisfaction either... this is how life goes.. just do your best to the best of your abilities..

and I wish you all the very best with all what you do..:)

  Lady divine

8:22 PM

just do your work to the best of your abilities*

  The Celestial Dream

5:02 AM

Ane Chami, first of all your aren't a "Dumb NUT". You were one of the brightest in the class and you wouldn't have gotten the results you got if you were a Dumb Nut! *HUGS*

I think an MBA is suited for you and I suppose one year of experience is good enought. I would recommend you do the MBA while working so in that way you can put into use the stuff that you'll be scribbling in notebooks there and then. There's nothing better than practicals right?

Hey, maybe I can come with you either way. Cos I'm looking to do my CIM and was hoping to do an MBA later on. What say you bro? Let ya sis know :)

MASSIVE XOXO and check your mail ;)


8:10 AM

Lady D : Thank You Lady D for the Wishes and your thoughts :) When u decide on something to do something always comes up na But you should be happy cos you r doing good in your Job now so its all good now and as you said though job satisfaction is not there we are still employed and getting our salaries thats what matters in the end right :D PS: I also wanted to be a lawyer when I was a kid =D I always had a knack to talk and get out of things too bad I didn't realize my potential guess we got another thing in common ya? =D

TCD: Big Bear Hug to you 2 Sis for the encouragement and your thought I know what you mean deciding these stuff are way too difficult let us see are options together and see what we can do ne? After all what are Brothers and Sisters for ? =D
PS: Thank You So much for the Mail as I said you the best Big Sis a Little Brother can Ever Have =D



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