200... + Winners of the First Ever Blog Oscars

WOOOHOOOoooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOO I am finally writing my 200th blog post. :D I am over the Moon today cos its been one heck of a ride. I never thought when I started blogging in 2004 while at Uni that I would continue this far and It seems its a good decision that I did continue cos It has given me a lot of happiness and joy and most importantly friends I would have never got to known if not for blogging. Also it has helped me to ease my pains off whenever I felt sad and bad inside.So I am enjoying the moment now and the person who is reading this now, My heartiest gratitude goes to you to cos without you. 200 blog posts would have just been a dream for me so THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH EVERY EACH ONE OF YOU =D

So first thing's first.As promised the Winners for the first ever Blog Oscars were chosen by Me. :) It was not an easy task and the competition was sooo intense so I decided to award 3 awards for each category which I stated during my nominations. The awards goes as Gold Oscar , Silver Oscar and as Bronze Oscar ( I know what you are thinking now Don't Worry its still the Oscars not the Olympics :P ) So there were ten categories for which 5 nominations were chosen for each except the last one. Here are the Final Results :D

DRUMROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blog Oscar for the Most Outstanding Blog Template
GOLD - Dee and Sabby( I couldn't choose the better one between the two so its a tie =))


BRONZE - Lady Divine

Blog Oscar for the Best English I have Ever read in a Blog

GOLD - The Whackster


BRONZE - Jerry

Blog Oscar for the Most Creative Blogger in the House

GOLD - Jerry


BRONZE - Gutterflower

Blog Oscar for the Best Poet in the House

GOLD - Eyeliner and I (If you haven't seen her poems do check them out its Superb! =) )

SILVER - My P and Tash ( Its a tie again ..)

BRONZE - Unsilent Dawn

Blog Oscar for the Most Contemporary Blog

GOLD - Dinidu De Alwis

SILVER - Sachintha and Nifraz

BRONZE - Gihan

Blog Oscar for the Best Black Layout Blog

GOLD - Black

SILVER - My P , The Whackster and Unsilent Dawn ( 3 way tie for this)

BRONZE - Finrod

Blog Oscar for the Most Popular Male Blogger

GOLD - Dinidu De Alwis

SILVER - Jerry and The Whackster

BRONZE - Gihan and My P

Blog Oscar for the Most Popular Female Blogger

GOLD - Dee and Lady Divine (this was a tough one so I chose both =) )

SILVER - Black

BRONZE - Sabby and GutterFlower

Blog Oscar for the Most Inspiring Blog

GOLD - Lady Divine and Lost Princess ( you guys are just awesome =D )

SILVER - Gihan (for the amazing post titled "Domestic Disturbance")

BRONZE - Tash (A true All Rounder =) )

Blog Oscar for Outstanding Achievement

London Lanka and Drums

Special Awards goes to

Kemali ( A survivor with a difference )

Rannelee ( love your posts keep it up )

( All the Best Mate with your Projects)

Queen of the Dark Asylum (keep on the posts coming =) )

( Thank You Mate for the Support =) )

The Girl with Wings
( Thank You again =D )

So those are the awards.. Thank You again Everyone for Everything =D and I also have a treat for each and every one of you 2. A Big cake to remember this Momentous occasion with tears of joy , happiness and ecstasy =D

Enjoy the Cake and Awards Friends and be sure to check out my next post which will be kinda like a history thing where I present all my favorite posts from the 200 I have written so far. It will be a Six List ( yeaaaaah :D ) so all of u can see them if u haven't seen them before =D

Congrats All you Oscar Winners =D Remember "Even Hollywood doesn't Come Near. When We are All Together" :D

Until Next Time


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10:08 AM

Very Innovative! good work!!


4:25 PM

Whoooooooooo! I won one!

Thanks mate, and congrats for your 200th post!
Oh and congrats to other winners as well!


7:26 PM

cool man !!!

congrats on your 200th post :)


7:58 PM

duuuude~ :)
thanks!! lol.. and PS :"I WIN, SUCKAHS!!!"
aaaahahahaa! :P lol.. ok my moment is over. :)

Congrats on the 200th post! may there be many many more!


  Lady divine

8:09 PM

WOW! thanks for the awards!!!!
I feel gooooooooooooooooooood!!! whoop!!!:D

  The Celestial Dream

9:05 PM

Hey Chami,

I love your posts men. Hehe

And of course thanks for the win :)
I'm honoured to share the win with Lady Divine :)

Congrats on your 200th POST :)
Miss you bro.

Talk to you soon :)



9:16 PM

Woah!! thatnx dude!! Congrats onthe 200! :) heres to 200 more

  Rhythmic Diaspora

10:31 PM

Thank you very much for the award, though I'm a bit unsure what I've achieved!

Many congratulations on your 200th post as well, long may it continue


10:44 PM

woah... being nominated was geat.. but this!! thanx soo much for the awards... I feel goooooddd.. woohooo :D:D

congards on your 200th post.. here's to many more!

congradulation all the winners!


3:12 AM

Awwww thanks, Disease! I won! Yay! (DC: All mineeeeeeee!)

And congrats on the 200th post. Looking forward to reading your six list. =)

Oh and btw, is there another Gehan around coz I don't remember reading a smoking post from the Darkside. :S


3:57 AM

Thank you for the awards meester!


7:40 AM

thanks machn! keep on blogging! and congrats as well for the post


8:20 AM

Thank You for your Wishes Guys :) I couldn't have done this without you and its an honor and privilege to have you guys by my side =D

Congrats on the Awards from me too to all =D and await many more posts from the one and only Disease =D

PS: Sabby its one and only Darkside not anyone else =D I think his post his still there just check it out anyways ill send u the link =)

Cheers !!



10:24 AM

woaah thanks so much dude..i feel so good :) congrats to the rest of the winners and also you on your 200th post.. cheers. here's to many many more


12:40 AM

The Unsilent - Thank You and Congrats on the Awards =D

Sabby: Hey it was a wrong reference Sabby I mixed up the blogs and it should have been "Domestic Disturbance" not "Smoking" You were Correct =D and Sorry for the minor error I made



3:45 AM

Teeehee...it's fine. Just wondering if there was another singing sensation hiding around =)

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