The Six List - My Favorite Top Six Posts...

Today one of my favorite topics "The Six List" is also celebrating the double century of my blog =). As I promised yesterday, here's my favorite Top Six Posts from all the 200 that I have written and which gives me joy everytime when I read them whenever I am jobless and bored =D . Some of you might have read them already and if you haven't here it is.. Check them Out and let me know what you think =D

Number 6 - August 9TH ( A DAY TO REMEMBER !!!) (2005)

At Number 6 is one of the days I still remember and a Cricket Match I cannot forget. Cricket is my favorite sport and this was one of those matches that left an everlasting memory in my heart. I still get goosebumps when I read it =D. You can read it too here is the link =D.

August 9TH ( A DAY TO REMEMBER !!!)

Number 5 - Stuck in the Middle(2004)

At the beginning , After a few poems this post just showed my real self to the world. Its been the same for me right throughout but I have since tried to change that by trying my best to be ahead rather than getting stuck in the middle. Yet I love being in the middle ( Don't get wrong ideas guys :P ) cos as Lord Buddha said the path to freedom is the middle lifestyle right? So I am living that and this post sums it all up =D

Stuck in the Middle

Number 4 - True Love (2007)

One of my favorite Love Poems that I have written. This poem bought out so much emotion and feelings that I have felt in my heart but never got returned. and I love the comments I got for this too =D. Here it is again ..

True Love

Number 3 - Your Picture (2005)

If the previous poem was a hit, this poem was a blast =D After listening to the song
"Paint my Love BY MLTR" I was inspired to write this poem and it was the first poem that I wrote effortlessly.It was like the words knew exactly where to fit on and I still remember each word of this poem by heart. And to my luck it got published in the Sunday Observer 2 =D. So this is one poem I won't forget in a long shot and its in my top 3 posts.

Your Picture

Number 2 - Tributes to Lady Divine and Lost Princess(2008)

Now who can forget this.. =D . Two Tributes that I was honored to have written and both gave me a lot of joy and pleasure cos as the Blog Oscars stated these two ladies were the inspiration for me behind blogging and getting out of trouble when life was hell. I really enjoyed writing both of these tributes and they are together is at number 2.

Lady Divine

Tribute to a Modern Day Princess

Number 1 - Tribute to my Darling Atthamma (2008)

This was one post that I will never forget and It comes at Number 1. My Grandmother passed away Last November and it was one of the most hardest and saddest moments I ever experienced in my life. I was really really close to her from the day I was a born and loosing her was really sad and I have never cried so much like on the day when her funeral took place. I had to do something for her and this was one of those things I did. It was a very emotional post and I still get a tear whenever I read it. An Angel of a Grandmother, I won't forget her and the post I wrote for her is my favorite ones of them all.

Tribute to My Darling Atthamma

So that's the list, it has really summed up my life so far... friends , family , fun and tears and happiness everything has happended to me during the past 4 to 5 years and my blog has been my best friend ever since I started it as it is where all my emotions comes out and gives me peace in my mind and soul..

And I will continue doing that and the person who are reading this you are a part of this too .. So again( sorry it's a habit now and I cant help it hehe) THANK YOU and
Cheer's for being a part of my life I owe everyone of you A big , huge , everlasting , bear hug =D

Until Next Time


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  The Celestial Dream

10:58 AM

Your Aththamma would be proud of you Chami. Don't you ever forget it!

Loadsa love bro!


PS: Loved each and every one of those posts!


12:45 AM

TCD : Thank You Sis =) I know though she is not there for real her memories ans soul is still with me
She will be Loved Forever ..

PS: I am glad you loved the posts =D many more are on the way =D



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