"3 D Collision Course" - Episode 1 ( While on the Way to Work.. )

As always Disease bring up something unique and this time I thought of starting a Story Series for everyone of you to read and enjoy =) . Its kinda like 24 , Prison Break, Heroes etc BUT with some exceptions, which I have given below.

The stories are written based on one person named D and his two sub conscious minds named The "Devil D" and the "Angel D".

They together face various experiences and situations involving various people and situations and when they collide the story begins to roll.

Because of this fact the Series is named " 3D Collision Course" =D.

All the names , places and the stories are real and the stories are also based on real experiences.

Here is the first Episode and its called (as the heading of the post states)

3D Collision Course - While on the Way to Work

The following takes place between 7.00 a.m and 7.30 a.m at Union Place near Dialog GSM and HSBC on an early Monday Morning. D is on the way to work and on the way he sees a pretty girl working for HSBC coming towards him. He is attracted to her at once and keeps on looking at her while she slowly and slowly comes towards him.Devil D see the situation and starts talking..

Devil D - Dude that's one heck of a chick isn't she ? she is coming towards you man common talk to her and try to get her no if you can

Angel D interrupts Devil D ..

Angel D - Brother D don't listen to Devil you can't just go and ask for her number like that right ? and she is a total stranger she might hit your face with her handbag so don't do it just hurry up.. you are already 5 minutes late..

(D shakes his head , adjusts his bag and keeps on walking. He is still amazed at the pretty HSBC girl and is still checking her out while walking, He knows he should listen to Angel D but suddenly Devil D comes up again..)

Devil D - Dude common she is close to you now . Don't miss the chance man common talk with her ask her for her number who knows you might go on a date with her on Friday Night.

Angel D Interrupts..

Angel D - NO NO NO Don't do it Bro common work first girls 2nd and remember you are late.. GO GO GO

Devil D Comes up Again...

Devil D - Nope Dude don't miss this chance, will you meet her again tomorrow? No right talk to her and get her number. common man BE A PIMP !!

Angel D Comes up Again..

Angel D- NO NO NO Don't do it bro don't go go go don't stay just leave her alone

And this debate between the Angel and the Devil continues for a while when Suddenly...D SCREAMS...

D- OH !!! MY LEG ! MY LEG !! MY LEG !!!!! OH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D falls down in to a big hole right in front of him which he has forgot to notice and has got hurt with cramps in his leg and is screaming in excruciating pain..

D - I can't walk my leg is hurt HELP HELP HELP !!

No one comes as D slowly gets up walks around a bit and get the cramp sorted out and slowly starts walking back to work. He turns around and sees the HSBC gal walking away and at this Moment Angel D comes up and says this to D

Angel D - This what I told you Brother You should have listened to me not Devil D now see what you did to yourself.. Hope you learned a lesson

Devil D is not done yet..

Devil D - ok so Angel D won this time. Lets see who wins Next time Angel D Ill be back this is not the last time you see me !!

D accepts the Angel D's lesson and goes on back to work. After going to work he reminisced the happenings in the Morning.

D - Why didn't I listen to Angel D in the firs place ?? Will Devil D will be back ? What will he do to me Next Time ??

While thinking that he carries on with his work.

What will happen to D next time?? What does Devil D got in his evil mind ?? Will Angel D be able to help D to defeat Devil D??

Stay tuned and check out the next episode of
"3 D Collision Course" =D

Until Next Time


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12:17 PM

Ha Ha nice one :D


9:07 AM

Azrael: hehe Thanks Man Glad you liked it =D

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