I Remember.. I Miss You ...

Days go by .. time pass us by
There's no moment I stop remembering you
I know we talk in the mornings in a hurry
But its just not enough cos I miss you

I go to work and look at your name on Gmail
Wishing I could talk with you behind my Boss
But since chatting is prohibited inside
I just look at your name and remember you

Remember.. yes I remember..
Every minute and day in the past
When we used to play cricket together
and break windows in every house

How we rode our bicycle together
Come home from school together
Fight and wrestle when nobody was around
And watch F1 cheering Kimi and all

How we used to talk about everything
Help out Nangi whenever needed our blessing
How we just ignored our enemies
and rocked with our friends

Those were the days ..
Those were the days..
Today I am just sunk in those memories
Wishing you were here

I know you went for your studies
I know you went to fulfill your dreams
But still I wish I could turn back time
And keep you here with me

But its not possible
And your girlfriend would also think I am crazy
I want you to achieve your dreams
And make me proud

Stuck in the Cold Apartment all Alone
I know you will work hard and win it all
I know you got the grit and the strength
To conquer the world and beyond

Do it for Ammi and Thathi
Do it for Nangi and Me
Do it for mostly for yourself
Don't take a back step

I will still call u in the Mornings
look at Gmail talk on skype
Log in to facebook
Whenever I miss your smiling face

But remember that you are not alone
We are always there with you
Though you are far far away
You are with us Everyday

I miss you soo much Malli.. My Brother..

Come back Home Soon...

May the Noble Triple Gem Bless you Always....

( The above tribute is for my brother who is in USA at the moment doing his further studies. Thank You Black for the Inspiration. Your post on "Siblings" and your brother reminded me of my brother. I wanted to write this for a very long long time but your post just made me do it Thank You =D Hugs.. )

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  The Celestial Dream

9:32 PM

Awww Chami,

you are really adorable men.

Wow, this is so touching.

HUGE hugs!!

Hope your bro is doing good,

tell him I said hi and all.



9:55 PM

TCH: Thank You Pavzz =)yeah he is doing good but I still miss the old times we had together I guess its life ne we can't do anything about it I guess

Sure ill tell him you said hi no worries =D

Hugs Pavzz


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