Emotional Freak ..

Nightmares and not enough sleep
Memories that makes me weep

Why I am such a Mess
I don't know
Come on I need to Move on
Someone tell me How?

I know I am
An Emotional Freak
I should be strong
And move on

I Cant...
The Memories are so real
I am a Family Guy
Is that my fault ??

When I see those empty rooms now
Where Malli and Atthamma stayed
I just can't help myself but cry
Cos I miss them so Bad..

Fuck this thing called Life
For making bonds and attachments
Its sucks it really sucks
Wish I was never born

I don't know what to do
I dont know what to say
I guess I can do only one thing
Cry.. Cry ...and Cry

And hope this pain would go away..


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  The Celestial Dream

11:44 AM

Aneeeeee Chami

Biggest hugs ever!!!!!!!!!!



  Lady divine

7:48 PM

in that case, I'm an emotional freak too! :)

Chill.....try not to think too much...
take care


8:12 PM

awww feel betterz


7:35 AM

TCH: Thank You Sis I needed that
XOXO !! I am ok now for the moment at least :) Hugs

Lady D : Yeah Lady D seems we are both in the same boat ne Thank You Lady D Ill do my best Hugs 2 :)

Dee: Thank You Dee Hopefully.. :)

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