Random Rantings About "Girls"


Were created by God for unknown reasons until he decided to create Guys.

Are the most Prettiest as well as the most mysterious inhabitants ever to step on this world.

Can Smile like Angels and can take your breathe away but always be sure to know the reason behind the smile otherwise things could get complicated

Can be Single if they want to but always having a Boyfriend makes their value more grow high rather than the single ones.

Can Make you Happy and Sad at the same time

Can never go to the toilet Alone and always want another gal so that they get the protection the washroom demons won't eat them up

Are pleasant to talk on phone when they talk softly but when they begin to shout it quickly becomes nuisance.

Are the Most Fashionable Inhabitants alive and also the Most Spendthrift ones.

Have one feature which can attract anyone and cast a spell on them, that feature is their eyes.

Are emotional but most of the time its based on a reason.

Are always compared with many things just to explain their beauty ( ex: butterflies , roses , stars etc.)

Can gain equal success just like Men and should not be discriminated from society no matter what happens.

Are ones that Men cannot live without even they have enough Food and Numerous Vodka bottles to eat and Drink.

Stay Tuned for the Random Rantings About "Boys"

Until Next Time...


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11:31 AM



I still haven't called you na?

It's past 1 o'clock in the morning! Await my call!



9:45 AM

Pavithri : Glad you liked it Sis =) and Thank You so much for the Call Tonight as always

You are the Best! =D



2:56 AM

Yes, we are shpecial noh?! =)
Very sweet of you and most of it is, sadly, true! =)


9:37 AM

Sabby : Your Welcome Sabs glad you liked it =) and yes you guys are special =)

The world wouldn't have been a better like right now if you guys were not here =D


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