The Six List - Top Showbiz Incidents/News of the Week

Ok another week is almost over( And the month of February 2, Sheesh! time is going like shit isn't it? ) and what a week it has been on the world of Showbiz. We had the Oscars , we had the Break ups we heard some pretty sad news and also we heard some people sing 2. So the Six List thought of reminding and paying tribute to the Top 6 Showbiz news and happenings of the Week.

Number 6 - SlumDog Millionaire Wins Best Picture at the Oscars

Well the list is dominated by the Oscars and to start the list we got the proud Asian moment at the Oscars where Indian the Movie Slumdog Millionaire won 7 Oscars including Best Picture. According to what I have read the movie is awesome for cinematography and though I haven't watched after watching the trailer it seems like an Awesome Movie. Good to see some Asians ruling the world at grandest stage of them all. So as a tribute and being an Asian myself this moment comes at Number 6 on my list.

Number 5 - Holly Madison and Chris Angel Break Up

This news came up only today and blew me away straight away. First I heard that Holly the play girl has left her PlayBoy dad (Hugh Hefner) for this mindfreak. Now she has left the mindfreak as well. Personally I thought they would make the perfect couple cos "the Chris" would have had dreams of having a magic act where he can have sex with Holly and make both of them disappear. Sorry Peeps It Wont Happen. Its understood that they want to remain friends But I dearly wanna c they hooking up again just because I WANNA SEE THE MAGIC ACT.. DAMMIT !!

Number 4 - Kate Winslet Wins Best Actress at the Oscars and Spills some HeartBreaking News

At Number 4 is the Titanic hottie Kate Winslet winning an Oscar for the Best Actress ( Finally!!!). She was nominated 6 times before and It makes me proud to say that she won it on the 6th time (Six List rocks baby.. ). She won the award for the move "The Reader" where she is naked in most of her scenes but when you see the trailer the movie looks really awesome and story is really strong. This helped her to beat Angelina Jolie who had an awesome performance in the movie "Changeling ".
Whatever said and done after every joy she gave us she made us sad She said she ain't gonna get naked on a movie again.. WHY KATE WHY ??????????????????????? Should get this reader movie DVD and keep it safely from intruders cos I wanna see her dammit really I wanna... Hope she will win an Oscar again but she lost most ( or almost all )her fans after this statement. Sigh!

Number 3 - Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Break-Up

WOOHOOO !! FINALLY some hot news and made my week happy happy happy. Megan Fox finally got her eyesight back and broke up with the Beverly Hills 90210 niggar at last. She was too young for him anyway and I really was sad when I heard that she was going out with this dude. The niggar has a kid 2 and I was shouting my brains out MEGAN DUMP HIM TRY ME DAMMIT !!
At last though she has realized her mistake and now All single and available again ( WOOHOO again ) I am gearing up to see her back in Transformers again very soon and this time I will be extra happy cos she is a bombshell who is all but available now.
So this Awesome News comes at Number 3.

Number 2 - Allison Iraheta Blows Away American Idol

Ok first of all I must say season 8 of this awesome reality show has so far being nothing but a pile of crap !!. Most singers doesn't know how to pick a correct song and some of them are just there to make numbers and make a fool out of themselves ( Norman Gentle..WTF ????) but now the gal I am talking about is in a different league
She is pretty, she is Sweet and She is just 16 and can sing like Kelly Clarkson and her rendition of the song "Alone" by Heart reminded me of Carrie Underwood. I just hope she would make it to the top 3 at least. Pretty Nice girl with an Awesome Voice. Allison comes at Number 2 in the list.

Number 1 - Heath Ledger Wins Best Supporting Actor Award at the Oscars

This would have been Number 1 in any list of when talking about on the Oscars of 2009. Heath Ledger one of my favorite actors won the best supporting role for his awesome display as "The Joker" in the Dark Night. The Movie was Awesome but more than that THE JOKER WAS AWESOME . I love the movie only becos of him an its sad to see when we finally realize that it his last performance and that we won't see him again in another Movie. RIP HEATH YOU ROCK MAN!! and as a tribute to the great man and his work as The Joker this moment deservedly comes at Number 1.

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  The Celestial Dream

6:41 PM

woooohoooo on all counts except for the one on Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. I Heart them BOTH!!


9:38 AM

hehe I know what you mean Sis I was shocked at first when I heard the News but then was ecstatic he was too old for her anyways and who knows I might have a chance too na ;)


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